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Famous Indian nuclear physicist Homi Jehangir Bhabha was born on 30 October 1909 in Mumbai. Bhabha played a key role in the development of the Indian atomic energy program. Widely referred to as the father of India’s nuclear weapons program, Bhabha had his education at the Elphinstone College and the Royal Institute of Science before obtaining his doctorate from the University of Cambridge in 1934. He was influenced greatly by the legendary Paul Dirac. Bhabha [...]

Harish Chandra was a renowned physicist and mathematician of India. His father Chandrakishore was a civil engineer. Harish Chandra spent his childhood at his maternal grandfather’s home in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. At an early age he received education from a tutor. He studied at Christ Church High School till the age of fourteen, and passed his intermediate degree from Kanpur. He went to the University of Allahabad and studied theoretical physics, influenced by Dirac’s Principles [...]

G. N. Ramachandran was born on the 8th of October 1922, in Ernakulam, near Cochin in Kerala. The eldest son of G.R Narayana Iyer and Laxmi Ammal, G. N. Ramachandran was a mathematics wizard since his childhood. His father being the professor of Mathematics and the principal of Maharajah’s College, Ramachandran got his initial training at his home. It is said that throughout his school days, G. N. Ramachandran got a perfect hundred in his [...]

Dr. H. Khorana was born at Raipur in Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. His father was the “Patwari”, or taxation official of Raipur. His primary education began at home. Later he went to the D.A.V. Multan High School. In 1943 he completed his graduation in science and in the year 1945 he completed his M.Sc from the Punjab University, Lahore. In the same year, he went to the University of Liverpool for further studies. [...]

Bharat Ratna and Nobel Prize winner Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman is known for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the Raman effect, named after him. He received the 1930 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work. Born in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu on November 7, 1888, he completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Presidency College, Madras. Shortly thereafter, he joined the Indian Finance Department as an Assistant Accountant General [...]

Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao is the one of the brightest stars in the Indian sky of Statistics and Mathematics. An exceptional academician, he is a dedicated soul in the development of Statistics and his works earned him the honor of Padma Bhusan. C. R. Rao was born on 10th September, 1920 at Hadagali in Karnataka. His family moved to Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. He received his master’s degree in mathematics from Mrs. A. V. N College [...]

Bhaskara II was the head of the astronomical observatory at Ujjain, the chief mathematical center of ancient India. It goes to the credit of Varahamihira and Brahmagupta, the leading mathematicians who worked there and built up this school of mathematical astronomy. He wrote six books and the seventh book, which is attributed to him, is considered to be a forgery. The subjects of his six works are arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and astronomy. The [...]

Bhaskara I was an Indian mathematician of the 7th century, who probably lived between c.600- c.680. He was most likely the first to use a circle for the zero in the Hindu-Arabic decimal system, and while commenting on Aryabhata’s work, he evaluated an extraordinary rational approximation of the sine function. There is very little information about Bhaskara’s life. He is said to be born near Saurashtra in Gujarat and died in Ashmaka. He was educated [...]

Aryabhatta is a renowned mathematician and astronomer of ancient India. He was born in 476 CE in Bihar. He studied at the University of Nalanda. One of his major works was Aryabhatiya written in 499 AD. The book dealt with many topics like astronomy, spherical trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra and plane trigonometry. He jotted his inventions in mathematics and astronomy in verse form. The book was translated into Latin in the 13th century. Through the translated [...]

Aryabhata II was an mathematician and astronomer of India, and wrote the well-known book the Mahasiddhanta. He is believed to be born in India during c.920 and died at c.1000. These dates are approximately suggested by the modern historians, however there are historians like G.R.Kaye believed that Aryabhata II lived before al-Biruni, whereas Datta in 1926 proved that these dates were too early. Though Pingree considers that Aryabhatta’s main publications was published between 950 and [...]