Air Force

Air Force in India, set up on 8th October 1932, is one of the strong wings of the Indian Armed forces and is the fourth largest in the world It has served significantly in the wars India was involved and especially its contribution in the 1971 war with Pakistan deserves special acclamation.

It earned the epithet ‘royal’ after its remarkable performance in the Second World War but the title was dropped after India became a republic in 1950.

Air Force in India is entrusted with the duty of not only protecting the country from its enemies and engage in the aerial warfare but also operate in rescue operations in times of disaster.

During the wars it has served as carrier of troops to the distant lands and supplying the necessary provisions during the times of war.

Air Force had its first taste of success when the 1947 war against Pakistan when it saved the city of Srinagar from the enemies. The IAF won laurels during the 1971 war with Pakistan when it commanded complete air superiority over Eastern Pakistan in just 10 days.

Apart from providing sufficient air coverage for the Indian army it also carried the arms, ammunitions and the soldiers to the war fronts. Air Force has also helped the Indian army in snatching back the Tiger Hill from the enemies during the Kargil war.

Today Indian Air Force, with 170,000 personnel and 1129 aircrafts, carries the strength and confidence of the Indian people on its shoulders.

The Indian Air Force celebrates its anniversary every year on the eighth day of October. This year it will be celebrating its 80th anniversary on 8th October 2012.

The Air Force Day Parade cum inauguration Ceremony along with an air display by various aircraft will take place at the Hindon Air Force Station this year. The air display will initiate with the flag bearing sky divers of AKASH GANGA Team dropping out of AN-32 aircraft.

The Air Force Day Parade will be marked by the fly past of “ENSIGN” formation comprising of three Mi-17 V5 helicopters in Vic formation trooping the Air Force Ensign. “CHAKRA” formation including three Mi-25/35 in Vic formation will be followed by “HERCULES” formation of one C-130J Hercules aircraft and two AN-32 aircraft in echelon position on each side.

This will be followed by the ‘SPECTRUM’ formation comprising of one C-130J Hercules aircraft in the lead with two Avro and two Dornier aircraft flying past in “ECHELON’ position.

The fly-past will be led by three JAGUAR aircraft in Vic formation closely followed by a MiG-21, MiG-29, Mirage 2000 aircraft and Su-30 MKI (Sukhoi) aircraft in Vic formation.

In the end a Su-30 MKI aircraft will carry out low level aerobatic display as the grand finale to the ceremony