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Bishnu Ram Medhi Biography

Bishnu Ram Medhi, a well-known name in Indian history was known for his wisdom and experience. He was born on 24th April, 1888. He belonged to a common peasant’s family from Hajo, near Guwahati. His father’s name was Sonaram and mother was Alehi.

Medhi had always been an excellent student right from his childhood. He passed his entrance from Guwahati’s Cotton Collegiate School in 1905, and came to Kolkata for further education. He did his graduation from Presidency College, and earned a M.Sc degree in Organic Chemistry from Dhaka University in 1911. He stayed there for sometime to complete his research work. In 1914 he joined the Guwahati bar.

Medhi’s contribution for the development and establishment of North Bengal and Assam is unforgettable. He was also appointed as a Governor of Madras from 1959 to 1964. He served the people of Assam until his death. His commitment towards his work brought him honor and respect from all who knew him

He participated in the Non-Cooperation Movement and was the Joint Secretary of the Reception Committee of the Congress Session at Pandu in Assam in1926. He was elected as a President of Assam Congress in 1930 and became a Minister in the Gopinath Bordoloi Cabinet in Assam. In 1950, he became the Chief Minister of Assam and continued till 1958.

He passed away after prolonged illness on 21st January 1981.