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Gopinath Bordoloi Biography

Born on June 6, 1890 Gopinath Bordoloi did his schooling from the Cotton Collegiate School in Guwahati in Assam and graduated from the Scottish Church College in Kolkata.

While in college, Gopinath got associated with the Congress Party and soon took the leading role in the establishment of the Congress Party in north-east India, particularly Assam. All the regional political parties of Assam were asked to merge with the Congress Party with Gopinath becoming its first secretary. The newly formed Assam Provincial Congress Committee plunged into the Non-Cooperation Movement led by Gandhiji.

Gopinath became the first Chief Minister of undivided Assam in independent India. As a leader of the people, Gopinath could instil a sense of unity and integrity by bringing the people belonging to different ethnic origins and communities closer to each other. His earnest efforts for the all-round growth of the state of Assam rightly earned him the epithet “architect of modern Assam.” Gopinath was not only the first to foresee the problems caused by the infiltration of Bangladeshis into Assam but also took active steps to check it. Bordoloi Government imposed an agricultural tax on the wealthy farmers becoming the first one to do so among the contemporary provincial governments.

A strict Gandhian in principle and actions, Bharat Ratna Award was conferred on Gopinath posthumously in the year 2000 and that too after 50 years of his death. But no award can match the love, affection and respect earned from his people who called him “Lokapriya”, “the beloved of the people”.