K. Sankaranarayanan Biography

K. Sankaranarayanan Biography

A man who has to his name the tenure of serving not just one or two but three major states of India as the Governor, K. Sankaranarayanan even at the age of 81, remains an example for the politicians of today and inspires the ones who desire to join the government.

Early Life and Political Career

Born in Kerala on 15 October 1932 to A. Sankaran Nair and K. Lekshmi Amma, he joined politics when he was just a student. Endowed with leadership qualities and an edge for management, K. Sankaranarayanan became the member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly in the fifth, sixth, eighth and eleventh elections of the state. He stood for these elections as the member of the Indian National Congress and fought for his seats from Thrithala, Shreekrishnapuram, Ottappalam and Palghat respectively.

The Responsibilities of Various Portfolios

As a man of talent and immense intellect, K.Sankaranarayanan amazed his contemporaries with the efficiency he handled and developed the sectors of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development, and Community Development from 11 April 1977 to 25 April 1977 under the governance of Chief Minister K. Karunakaran and then from 27 April 1977 to 27 April 1978 under the leadership of A. K. Antony.

Following this, he ventured into the Finance sector and brought about several positive changes in his state with the continued guidance of A. K. Antony. Along with this he also handled the portfolio of excise till 10 February 2004.

Not limiting to this work, his achievements extend to his role as the Chairman of Committee on Public Accounts and the Chairman of Committee on Government Assurances which lasted from 1989-1991 and 1980-1982 respectively.

His contribution increased when he took up the responsibility of being the Convener of the UDF from the year 1985 to 2001. The Indian National Congress remembers him respectfully for his efforts and time he had put in the party as the Secretary, District Congress Committee, President, KPCC(O), General Secretary, KPCC, Member, All India Working Committee and Member of Parliamentary Board Congress (O).

The Journey as a Governor

Beginning his career as a governor of Arunachal Pradesh to serve in place of S. K Singh owing to his leave, K. Sankaranarayanan continued to act as a governor of the same state when S. K Singh took the position of the governor of Rajasthan. K. Sankaranarayanan, constantly proving his abilities and intelligence, assumed offices of the governor of Nagaland and then of the state of Maharashtra. It is this year i.e. 2014 that the NDA has transferred him to the state of Mizoram where he is still serving the people through his expansive experience.

Personal Life

A family man, K. Sankaranarayanan has a wife K. Radha, a professor by profession, and one daughter who serve as his support and emotional strength.

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