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Ram Naresh Yadav Biography

Last Update – 11 July,2019


Ram Naresh Yadav Biography

Ram Naresh Yadav is the former governorĀ of the state of Madhya Pradesh and was sworn into this office on September 8, 2011. Representing the Indian National Congress (INC), Mr. Yadav was born in Azamgarh to a middle-class family.

Ram Naresh Yadav started his career as a successful lawyer in Azamgarh and was interested in social work and as a result of which joined politics. Yadav became part of the Lok Sabha in 1977 and was eventually elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, an office he held from 1977- 1979.

Unfortunately, Ram Naresh Yadav did not prove to be a successful administrator and could not take complete charge of the large state of Uttar Pradesh, Hence, in 1979, he failed to secure a vote of confidence and Banarsi Das was elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in his place.

In November 22, 2016, he died after prolonged illness.