Yukta Mookhey Biography

Yukta Mookhey came into the spotlight when she won the Miss World title in 1999.
This 5 feet 11 inches tall belle won the Miss World title among ninety- four ravishing beauties. The second runner up in this international beauty pageant was Miss Sonia Raciti of South Africa and first runner up was Martina Thorogood of Venezuela.

Born to Mr.Inderlal and Mrs.Aruna in 1977, her father Mr.Inderlal is Ragz Clothing Company’s Managing Director while her mother is the owner of a grooming clinic in Mumbai. This is one of the reasons that she was groomed to be beautiful right from her childhood. Her ancestral origin is in North India but she completed her education from the Gulf. Yukta Mookhey studied Zoology at the Kekar College and has acquired training in classical music for three years.

Winning the Miss World Title was a turning point in the life of Yukta Mookhey. Along with this coveted title she also won $100,000 and an opportunity to travel around the world for one year. Besides modeling, Yukta Mookhey entered the world of films.
Her first debut film was Pyaasa. However her stars didn’t favor her in this career and so has been unable to make a prominent mark in the film industry.