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Chandragupta II Biography

The Gupta period is known as the golden age in Indian History and it reached the pinnacle of glory
during the reign of Chandragupta II. A ruler of excellent administrative abilities, foresightedness and
military prowess,

he was also a great patron of art, culture, literature and music. He was also known as Vikramaditya and referred as one of the most admirable kings in the history.

Chandragupta II inherited a large kingdom but extended his empire by winning battles and also by a policy of matrimonial alliances. He defeated the Sakas to annex Gujarat and Saurasthra and made Ujjain his second capital. To strengthen his southern territories he married his daughter Pravabati to
the Vakataka king-Rudrasena II. He himself married the Naga princess Kubera Naga and developed strong relationship with the Naga clan. His empire extended from the Gujarat in the north to Malwa in the central. He had his capital in the wonderful city of Pataliputra.

It his during his rule, that the cultural development of Ancient India reached it’s climax. His court
comprised of geniuses to the likes of Kalidasa and Susruta. Kalidasa was a famous poet whose work
is still treasured and the great physician Susruta’s books on surgery are considered legendary.

During his reign the famous Chinese pilgrim Fa-Hien visited India and wrote a detailed account of his kingdom. Marco Polo, the Italian traveler has referred him as an ideal ruler. He was
succeeded by his son Kumaragupta who was a great scholar and built the Nalanda University.