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Ibrahim Lodhi Biography

Ibrahim Lodhi Biography

Ibrahim Lodhi an Afghan by blood was the last ruler of the Lodhi dynasty. He succeeded his father Sikander Lodhi but could not match his ability as a ruler. He was defeated by Babur in the battle of Panipat which saw the end of Delhi Sultanate and the beginning of the Mughal reign.

When Sikander died and Ibrahim ascended the throne, he faced resistance from a faction of the nobility.They advocated a partition of the kingdom and set up Jalal Khan-the younger brother of Ibrahim on the throne of Jaunpur. However Jalal was killed by Ibrahim’s men and he claimed the whole empire.
Ibrahim did not have good relations with the nobles. He ill-treated and imprisoned them. He was also cruel to his subjects and killed and poisoned many noblemen. Rebellions started to erupt in various corners of his kingdom. One of his noblemen-Daulat Khan invited Babur to invade India and take revenge on their behalf. Babur responded to his call and set out to meet the Delhi Sultan.

Babur reached Ambala without any resistance and then prudently organized his army in a defensive position. For eight days Babur waited for Ibrahim’s army and when they finally arrived they were surprised by the unique strategy. The use of Turko-Mongol bows by Babur’s men made things worse for Ibrahim as they were unaware of such weapons. Despite having a great numerical advantage
the Afghans lost the battle. However Ibrahim was a brave soldier and led his army from the front and gave his life in the war. Thus the first battle of Panipat (1526) witnessed the establishment of the Mughal kingdom in India.

Facts and Information about Ibrahim Lodhi


Full Name Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi
Born 1480-1490 AD
Died 1526 AD
Burried Panipat, Haryana
Religion Sunni Islam
Region 1517-1526 AD
Language Pashto, Persian (official)
Coronation 1517 AD (Agra)
Predecessor Sikandar Lodi
Successor Babur
Capital Delhi
Dynasty Lodhi Dynasty
Father Sikandar Lodi
Grandfather Bahlul Lodi
About In 1526 Ibrahim Lodi became the sultan of Delhi. He was the last ruler of the Lodi dynasty. He was killed by the forces of Babur in 1526.
First Battle of Panipat The First Battle of Panipat took place on 21 April 1526 between the Lodi Empire and the forces of Babur in North India.