Krishna Deva Raya Biography

Sri Krishna Deva Raya Biography

The Vijaynagar Kingdom rose to its highest peak of glory during the reign of Krishna Deva Raya. Not only he was an able administrator and a great warrior but he was also a scholar, a poet, a musician and a kind king. He was loved very much by his subjects and he even treated his enemies with honor.He won all the wars he had waged during his rule.

Krishna Deva was the younger brother of Vira Narasimha who defeated the Sulvas to snatch the throne. Krishna Deva succeeded his brother and soon proved his mettle as an able king. He won all the wars he fought and expanded his kingdom. He defeated the king of Orissa and also the Sultan of Bijapur. He defeated the Bahamani ruler Ismail Adil Shah to put an end to the Muslim dominance in Southern India. His empire extended from Cuttack in eastern India to Goa in the west and Raichur Dobe in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south.

During Krishna Deva's reign the European ( mainly the Portuguese ) traders came to India and he encouraged foreign trade with the visitors. Krishna Deva was a great patron of art, poetry and music. Tenali Ramakrishna - the scholar who was famous for his wisdom, was a prominent member of Krishna Deva's court. He built the famous Vithalswami and Hazara temple in Hampi. These temples and many other more are magnificent specimens of the Vijaynagar style of Hindu architecture.

Facts and Information about Sri Krishna Deva Raya

Also known asSri Krishna Deva Raya
Born17 January 1471
BirthplaceHampi, Karnataka
BuriedHampi, Karnataka
PredecessorViranarasimha Raya
SuccessorAchyuta Deva Raya
ConsortsChinna Devi, Tirumala Devi, Annapurna Devi
DynastyTuluva Dynasty
FatherTuluva Narasa Nayaka (the chieftain of Bunts)
Religious beliefsHinduism
Son Tirumala Raya
Foreign affairsThe Bahamani Sultans, the Gajapatis of Odisha and the Portuguese were his main enemies.
Success in DeccanKrishna Deva Raya's forces and the Sultan of Bijapur clashed in 1509. Yusuf Adil Khan was killed and the Sultan Mahmud was defeated.
War with FeudatoriesKrishna Deva Raya conquered the feudatory of Gajapati kings of Odisha. He defeated Ganga Raja on the Kaveri banks.
Relations with the PortugueseKrishna Deva Raya and the Portuguese shared cordial relations. The Portuguese Dominion of India was set up in 1510 in Goa. Arabian horses and guns were supplied to the emperor by Portuguese merchants.
Son's DeathTirumala Raya, his son was made the Yuvaraja in 1524. However he could not serve for long because of his death due to poisoning.
Art and literatureLiterature in many languages prospered during the rule of Krishna Deva Raya; thus, his reign is also called as a golden age of Telugu literature. Several Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada poets were patronized by the king. Astadiggajalu, the great eight poets, were part of his court.
Kannada literatureHe patronised Kannada poets Mallanarya, Chatu Vittal-anatha and Timmanna Kavi.
Honouring the poetsAllasani Peddana was entitled Andhra Kavita Pitamaha by the king, which meant "father of Telugu poetry". One of his popular writing is Manu-charitramu.
Sanskrit literatureVyasatirtha, a Sanskrit poet, wrote Tat-parya-chandrika, Bhedo-jjivana, Nyaya-mrita and Tarka-tandava. Krishna Deva Raya was himself a scholar. Charita, Madalasa, Rasamanjari and Satyavadu Parinaya have been written by him.
Religion and cultureAll sects of Hinduism were respected by Krishna Deva Raya.

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