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Mir Jafar Biography

Mir Jafar Biography

Mir Jafar was the first Nawab of Bengal under British influence. An Arab by birth, he rose to power in the Nawab’s army and in the battle of Plassey (1756) he conspired with the British to depose Siraj-Ud-Dullah to become the Nawab himself.

Mir came to India as a penniless adventurer but won confidence of Nawab Alivardi Khan to rise to the post of Bakshi. He gained reputation as a brave military personnel, playing prominent role in many of Nawab’s military campaigns. He rescued Nawab’s nephew Saulat Jung in Katak and also defeated the Marathas. However he proved his cowardliness by escaping from Medinipur on hearing the advances of the Maratha forces. He then conspired with Ataullah to overthrow the Nawab but the plan was unearthed and he was dismissed.

Nevertheless that did not stop Mir to carry on with his designs. Alivardi’s grandson Siraj-Ud-Dullah came to the throne and he again conspired, this time with Shawkat Jang to invade Bengal. However, the treachery became known to Siraj again and he demoted him and replaced him with Mir Madan as the Bakshi. On 1756. Siraj won the Cossimbazar factory from the British and then advanced towards Calcutta but the British soon retaliated and Siraj was compelled to flee to Murshidabd.
He sought help of Mir Jafar who assured him of his help against the British.

In actual, Mir had secretly made a pact with British to overthrow Siraj in lieu of the promise that he would made the Nawab of Bengal.

The British force under Robert Clive marched to Murshidabad and met Siraj in the Battle of Plassey in 1757. Mir’s army betrayed Siraj by not fighting for him and Siraj was defeated and killed. Mir was
crowned as the new Nawab of Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal.


Facts and Information about Mir Jafar

Full Name Mir Muhammed Jafar Ali Khan Bahadaur
Titles Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa (Nawab of Bengal)
Nick Names Shuja ul-Mulk, Hashim ud-Daulah, Ja’afar Ali Khan Bahadur, Mahabat Jang
Regin 1757-1760 and 1763-1765
Born 1691
Died 17 Jaunary 1765
Burried Jafarganj Cemetery, Murshidabad
Predecessor Siraj ud-Daulah
Successor Mir Qasim (after 1760) and Najimuddin Ali Khan (after 1765)
Wives Shah Khanum Sahiba, Babbu Begum, Rahat-un-nisa Begum
Dynasty Najafi
Father Sayyid Ahmed Najafi (Mirza Mirak)
Religion Shia
Battle of Plassey He signed a pact with Robert Clive to slaughter the Bengal army in the Battle of Plassey in order to become the Nawab of Bengal. Thus the British won the battle and Mir Jafar became known as Gaddar-e-Abrar, meaning a traitor.
Nawab Mir Jafar was made the Nawab of Bengal by Robert Clive.

In 1763 Mir Jafar was re-appointed as Nawab.

Legacy Mir Jafar proved himself to be a puppet of British. Today his name is despised in Bengal and Bnagladesh alike.