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Mir Qasim Biography

Mir Qasim was the appointed as the Nawab of Bengal replacing his father-in-law Mir Jafar in 1760. Qasim was ambitious and independence loving and although installed by the British, he rebelled against them.

When Qasim came to the power he had to pay the huge outstanding debts of the former Nawab. He felt that since he had paid the Company with adequacy, he should be given the sole authority to govern

Bengal. He took strategic administrative measures to keep himself equipped with a disciplined force and enough fund. He shifted his capital to Munger from Murshidabad. To increase the revenue he reformed the land revenue structure.

He was also opposed to the fact that the British can trade paying minimum duties whereas the local traders have to pay a huge sum. He abolished all customs duties to bring an equality. Thus gradually, a rift started developing between Qasim and the Company and an war was inevitable.

The British defeated Qasim’s army and he had to ran way to Oudh. Qasim had good diplomatic sense and he ensured the support of Shuja-Ud-Dulla of Oudh and the wandering emperor Shah Alam II.

Now with the combined force he attacked the British but was defeated in the Battle of Buxar. His defeat meant the establishment of the English as the ultimate power in West Bengal. After the war Qasim went into hiding before his death in Delhi.