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Nana Saheb Biography

Nana Saheb Biography

Nana Saheb was one of the most influential rulers after the reign of Shivaji. He was also called Balaji Bajirao. When Chattrapati Shahu died in 1749 he made the Peshwas the rulers of the Maratha Empire. He did not have an heir to his kingdom so he appointed the brave Peshwas as the heir to his kingdom,Nana Saheb had two brothers, Raghunathrao and Janardan. Raghunathrao betrayed the Marathas by joining hands with the British, and Janardan, died in his early youth. Nana Saheb ruled the Maratha kingdom for 20 years (1740 to 1761).

Being a ruler of the Maratha Empire, Nana Saheb contributed heavily to the development of the city of Pune. During his reign, he totally changed Poona from a village into a city. He gave the city a new look by establishing new neighborhoods, temples, and bridges. He also set up a reservoir in the town of Katraj. Nana Saheb was a very ambitious ruler and a man with a multifaceted personality. In 1741, his uncle Chimnaji died, as a result he returned from the northern districts and spent about a year to improve the civil administration of Pune. In the Deccan, the period from 1741 to 1745 was considered a period of calm and peace. He encouraged agriculture, gave protection to the villagers and brought a considerable improvement in the state.

In 1761, at the third Battle of Panipat, the Marathas were defeated against Ahmedshah Abdali, who was a great warrior from Afganistan. Marathas tried to save Mughal rule and also their power in the north. In the battle Nanasaheb’s cousin, Sadashivrao Bhau (the son of Chimaji Appa), and his eldest son, Vishwasrao, were killed. The early demise of his son and cousin was a severe shock for him. After that Nana Saheb also did not survive for a long period. His second son Madhavrao Peshwa succeeded to the throne after his death.

Facts and Information about Nana Saheb

Born 19 May 1824 (Bithoor)
Disappeared 1857 (Cawnpore)
Nationality Indian
Title Peshwa
Predecessor Baji Rao II
Religion Hinduism
Father Narayan Bhatt
Mother Ganga Bai
Adoption Nana Sahib was adopted by Baji Rao in 1827.
Close associates Tatya Tope and Azimullah Khan
Siege of Cawnpore After Cawnpore was sieged in 1857, the besieged British surrendered before the Indian forces led by Nana Sahib.
Satichaura Ghat Massacre On 27 June 1857, around 300 British, including women and children, were slaughtered at Satichaura Ghat.
Recapture of Cawnpore by the British General Havelock and his forces attacked Sahib’s forces at the Ahirwa village on 16 July 1857 and were able to recapture Cawnpore.
Sahib fled to Nepal in 1859.
In Fiction The End of Nana Sahib, Jules Verne
The Devil’s Wind, Manohar Malgonkar