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Nellie Sengupta Biography

Nellie Sengupta Biography

Nellie Sengupta, an earnest and courageous freedom fighter from West Bengal was the President of the Indian National Congress. Born to English parents Edith Henrietta Gray and Fredrick William in 1886 in Cambridge, England, she married Jatindra Mohan Sengupta, a Bengali scholar of Downing College. In 1909 the couple returned to live in Chittagong.

Nellie Sengupta’s husband Jatindra Mohan Sengupta entered politics by taking part in Indian National Movement in 1921. Nellie Sengupta joined hands with her husband and took part in the struggle for Independence. When her husband was in jail during the Assam-Bengal Railwaymen’s Strike she raised voice against the District authorities’ orders and accosted mass meeting against the ruling Government.

She answered the call of Mahatma Gandhi with her husband in Non Cooperation Movement and sold khadi clothes from house to house. In 1931, she was imprisoned for four months for speaking in a wrongful manner in an assembly meeting.

After her husband’s death, she was elected for the post of Alderman in Calcutta Corporation in the year 1933 and 1936 . She became the elected member of the Bengal Legislative Assembly in the years 1940 and was elected again for the same post in 1946. After independence, when Bengal was divided she chose to stay in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.

She became a member of the East Pakistan Legislature in 1954. She was an active social worker and stayed as a member of the Minority Board for a long time. She breathed her last in India in 1973. People still remember her as the foremost courageous women freedom fighters who was actively involved in India’s struggle for Independence.

Facts and Information about Nellie Sengupta


Born 1 December 1886 in Cambridge
Died 23 October 1973 in Calcutta
Father Frederick
Mother Edith Henrietta Gray
About Nellie Sengupta was British but took participation in the Indian freedom struggle. She also served as the President of the INC.
Husband Jatindra Mohan
Sons Sishir and Anil
Non-Cooperation Movement Nellie also participated in the Non-Cooperation Movement. Her husband was imprisoned for his involvement in the Assam-Bengal strike of Railwaymen. Nellie opposed the District authorities who imposed a ban on assembly. Several mass meetings were organised by her. She also got jailed for her active participation.
Khadi She didn’t obey the British law and sold khadi.
Congress president She was the second woman from Europe and the third woman to be elected as the president of the INC in 1931.
Calcutta Corporation She became the Alderman to the Calcutta Corporation in 1933 and 1936.
Bengal Legislative Assembly As a representative of the Congress party, she got elected to the Bengal Legislative Assembly in 1940 and 1946.
East Pakistan Legislative Assembly From Chittagong, East Pakistan, she worked to benefit the Hindu minority. She became member of the East Pakistan Legislative Assembly. She also got elected to the Minority Board.