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Rajendra Chola Biography

Rajaraja Chola’s rightful heir, Rajendra Chola was an able ruler (reign: 1018-1048). He expanded the Chola Empire northwards. It was during his reign that the kingdom was called the “Golden Age of Cholas”.

He conquered upto the banks of Ganges and assumed the title of “Gangaikonda” (the victor of the Ganges). He established a new capital and named it Gangaikondacholapuram. The conquest of the Andaman and Nicober islands was his greatest achievement.

The functioning of the administration was very systematic and smooth. He almost followed his father’s administrative policies.

Under this great king the dynasty flourished in all aspects including art and literature. Numerous sculptures were also found like the bronze image of Nataraja. The Chola Kingdom began to disintegrate and it declined after his death.