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Sagarmal Gopa Biography

Sagarmal Gopa Biography

Sagarmal Gopa was a devoted patriot and a freedom fighter belonging to Jaisalmer, India. He was born on November 3, 1900. Belonging to a prosperous and prestigious Brahmin household, his ancestors were the Rajgurus of Jaisalmer Kingdom, serving the state in esteemed posts. His father, Shri Akhya Raj was in the state service of Jaisalmer.

During his youth, Sagarmal noticed the indifferent attitude showed by his home state towards the freedom movement. This troubled him greatly and within him slowly grew a flame of passion for revolt. Shri Sagarmal Gopa then migrated with his family to Nagpur, vowing to dedicate his life completely towards the freedom movement.

In 1921, Sagarmal played an active role in the non-co-operation movement where he strongly protested against the apathetic treatment of the common people by the region’s rulers. Sagarmal also participated in the conferences of All India Council of Princely states.

Despite his entry into Jaisalmer and Hyderabad being banned by the enraged administration, he continued. Sagarmal spread his message and motivated the public to join his cause through the press, by publishing numerous books, the most noted being, ‘Jaisalmer Rajya Ka Gunda Shasan’ and ‘Raghunath Singh Ka Mukadma’.

Sagarmal’s constant struggle for freedom in Jaisalmer continued undeterred. His father passed away in October 1938, which later led Sagarmal to return back home under the guarantee by the resident of Jaisalmer state, against any kind of maltreatment or legal case on him.

This assurance was breached and Sagarmal was arrested on May 25th, 1941. He was then imprisoned, for many years, from which he ultimately was never released. Succumbing to the brutalities and torture he was put through, Sagarmal passed away in prison on 4th April, 1946.

The Government of India and the Department of Posts pays tribute to this great martyr by issuing a commemorative stamp in his honor on December 29, 1986, for the series titled ‘India’s struggle for freedom’. A branch of the Indira Gandhi Canal is also named after him.

Facts and Information about Sagarmal Gopa


Born 3 November 1900. He belonged to a Brahmin family of Jaisalmer.
Died 4 April 1946 (in prison)
Father Shri Akhya Raj
Books Raghunath Singh Ka Mukadma and Jaisalmer Rajya Ka Gunda Shasan.
Activities Sagarmal was one of the active participants in non-cooperation movement of Mahatama Gandhi in 1921. He also took part in the conferences organized by the All India Council of Princely states. Due to his involvement in various revolts, his entry into Jaisalmer and Hyderabad was prohibited by the state administrations.
Tribute by Indian Government For his contributions as a freedom fighter, the Government of India and the Department of Posts paid him a tribute on December 29, 1986 by issuing a commemorative stamp.