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Night Shyamalan Biography

Manoj Night Shyamalan was born in Mahe, Pondicherry, on August 6, 1970. His father is Nelliatu C. Shyamalan and mother Jayalakshmi. Both of them are from the medical fraternity.

Shyamalan grew up in Penn Valley, Pennsylvania. Manoj learnt the tricks of film-making at the New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. He graduated in the year 1992. It was during his days at the university that Manoj changed the Nelliattu in his name to Night.

Shyamalan grew fond of film-making at an early age. He was a fan of Steven Spielberg. His father’s gifting of a super- 8 camera augmented his desire. Shyamalan today is not only a film-maker with a difference but quite a name in Hollywood. He is also a screen-writer and cameo actor.

His movies Praying with Anger (1992) and Wide Awake (1998) failed to create any impact either with the critics or at the box office.However, his movieThe Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis and Halley Joel Osment created a stir among audiences worldwide earning not only a lot of money at the box-office but six Oscar Nominations as well. His other films like Unbreakable, Signs, Lady in Water, The Happenings more or less have the essence of the supernatural World. Besides, he has also written the screen play of the Geena Davis starrer Stuart Little.