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Prafulla Chandra Roy Biography

Prafulla Chandra Roy is one of the famous scientists that India has ever produced. Considered as one of the components of the Bengal Renaissance, P. C. Roy was an eminent scientist, an exemplary entrepreneur, a patriot and a passionate teacher.

He was born on 2nd August, 1861 at Khulna in undivided West Bengal. He had his education in Calcutta(Kolkata), studying in some well-known schools and colleges. He went to England as a Gilchrist scholar and earned the degrees of Bsc. and Dsc. from Edinburgh University. He returned to Calcutta and joined as a lecturer of Chemistry in the Presidency College.

He was a very inspiring teacher and dedicated his spare time in research. He published his works on Ayurveda -‘The History of Hindu Chemistry’. He faced severe financial crunches but he never gave up. His persistence paid up when he became successful in the chemical synthesizing of Potassium Nitrate. In 1901, he single handedly established ‘The Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works Limited’, the first Indian Pharmaceutical company. This led to the employment generation of many unemployed Indians.

Acharya P. C. Roy was a great patriot and highly influenced by leaders like S. N. Banerjee and Mahatma Gandhi. He loved his fellow men and devoted himself to the relief works during the calamities. In 1916, he joined the Science College of the Calcutta University and he was elected the President of the Indian Science Congress in 1920.

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy dedicated himself to the cause of spreading scientific knowledge among the mass. A rationalist and a great academician he is considered as the ‘Father of the modern Indian chemical Industry’. He breathed his last on June 16th, 1944.