Chetan Anand Biography

Chetan Anand is a renowned badminton player of India who took birth in the year 1980. One of the greatest achievements of Chetan Anand is the Arjuna Award which he received in the year 2006 for his outstanding performance. He started his glorious career from a very early age. However, it was only in the year 2004 that Chetan Anand came into the forefront of international badminton championships.

From national to international level, he proved his efficiency and talent many times. He participated in the 2004 Le Volant d’ Or which was organized in Toulouse of France. A magnificent win in this tournament provided him with an international recognition.

The Irish International tournament of 2005 was another prime achievement of Cheta. Being the winner of the Irish International, he once again proved his mettle in the badminton courts. The Welsh International was yet another major turning point in the career of Chetan which took place in the same year of 2005.

In the year 2007, he participated in the National Badminton Championships conducted in Patna, Bihar. By beating his competitor Anand Pawar who was representing Air India, Chetan Anand truly established his credentials in the badminton arena of India.

At present, he is looked upon as one of the potential badminton players of Indian origin who has the zeal and courage to make it to the top in the international domain.

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