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Dibyendu Barua Biography

Dibyendu Barua is a renowned chess player of India. He was the second Indian to become a Grandmaster after Viswanathan Anand. He is one of the pioneers of this game in India who gave impetus to the young generation and inspired them.

Born on October 27, 1966, in West Bengal Dibyendu Barua displayed his interest in the game at a very early age. In 1972, his achievement shot a high as he beat the 2nd ranked Grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi in London and became a known face in the international chess arena.

From a very early age, Barua started showing his talents in the game of chess. By the age of 12, he was the youngest to participate in the National Championship. Apart from the 1972 international feat, the notable achievements of Dibyendu Barua include his performances against Korchnoi in 1982, H Spangenberg in 1996 and M Basman in 1991.

In spite of such a booming performance at an early age, the career of Dibyendu Barua did not continued on the high note. Surprisingly enough, his performance was looming at a low than expected after he became the International Master. There was a slow down in his career and it took him nine long years to become a Grandmaster in 1991. Lack of funds made it tough for Dibyendu Barua among the horde of flourishing youngsters.

Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua is still attached with the game of chess. He is now endeavoring to impart his knowledge of chess to the upcoming chess players of the future.