Gulam Biography

Gulam was one of renowned ‘Pehlwans’ of India. Gulam, who is regarded as ‘ the ideal of Indian manhood’, was the first Indian wrestler to have participated in an international wrestling match, which was held in 1900 in Paris.

During the Great Exposition, he’s manager had put out an open challenge to Cour-Derelli, one of the strongest Turkish wrestlers. The encounter between Cour-Derelli and Gulam took place in Boulevard de Clichy at the Hippodrome. Dr Krajewski and Noel le Gaulois were mesmerized by his strength and valour that Gulam exhibited at the contest.

Gulam, who was 5.9 foot and 280 pounds, demonstrated his superiority over Cour-Derelli from the beginning of the match. As soon as the match started, he overpowered his adversary. He threw his Turkish competitor with a ‘flying mare’ (a specific shot in wrestling). In fact, he successfully made Cour-Derrell’s shoulder touch the mat; but as a huge financial interest was associated with the match, the bout was recommenced. He established his superiority once again in the second combat. In fact, after a series of bouts that took place between the Turkish wrestler and the Indian champion, he was proclaimed as the undaunted winner. Unfortunately, not long after his return to India, Gulam died of cholera.