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Mihir Sen Biography

Mihir Sen, born on 16th November, 1930 in Purulia in West Bengal is one of the feted swimmers of India who attained world-wide fame for swimming the English Channel. In fact he was the first Indian and also the first Asian to cross the English Channel in 14 hours and 45 minutes on 27th September, 1958.

The English Channel is a part of the Atlantic Ocean that divides the island of Great Britain from the Northern France and links the North Sea to the Atlantic. The English Channel has a length of 563 km and a width of 240 km.

In 1966, Mihir Sen swam across the Palk Strait that extends for forty miles and also swam through the Strait of Gibraltar, lying between Morocco and Spain, the Strait of Bosphorus, and the Strait of Dardanelles. Altogether Mihir Sen set up five world records as he swam across the seven seas.

His name became a part of the Guinness Book of World Records. Mihir Sen thus became the trendsetter whose courageous feats in the enormous seas inspired the aspiring Indian swimmers to indulge in long distance swimming.

Mihir Sen was actually a lawyer by profession, but he is much renowned as a distinguished long-distance Indian swimmer. Mihir Sen was awarded the Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan.