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Pargat Singh Biography

Pargat Singh was one of the promising defenders of the Indian Hockey. He was born in Mithapur of Punjab on the 5th of March in the year of 1965. Pargat Singh rose to prominence due to his brilliant performance during the Asian Games and the Asia Cup.

He received his elementary education from a school in his village. After his schooling, he was admitted to the famous Lyallpur Khalsa College. During his college days, the brilliant player became a part of the Junior Indian Hockey team where he played with tremendous exuberance.

After some time, he was absorbed in the Senior Indian Hockey team and took part in the hockey tournament in Hong Kong where ten other countries also participated. As per everyone’s expectation, he played brilliantly and became one of the most prominent figures of Indian hockey.

He performed his best in the Champions Trophy which was held in Perth of Australia. In a particular match between Indian and Germany, the scoreboard showed dismal figures of 1:5. However, due to the firm determination of Pargat Singh, Indian players performed against everyone’s hope and scored 5 goals in the last six minutes. The match was a draw and he became a hero for the millions of Indians.

The indomitable will of Pargat Singh once again became prominent during the Champions Trophy where India defeated Holland by 3-2 goals. Young and dynamic, Pargat Singh has made India proud of his glorious achievements.