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Saurav Ghosal Biography

Adding a feather to his cap every year, the young and talented Saurav Ghosal started practicing the game of squash at the age of nine. Born on 10th August in the year 1986 in Kolkata, West Bengal Saurav Ghosal had shifted his base from his home town to Chennai. He was affiliated to the ICL Squash Academy in Chennai where he began his training.

Saurav Ghosal got his first break when he qualified for the finals of the under-17 German Open in May 2002. Beating the finalist from England Chris Simpson 3-0, Saurav won his first ever international title. Within two months, the young and vibrant tennis player won the Dutch Open which marked the beginning of his wining streak. The next year, the champion returned to annex the under-19 trophy of the German Open 2003. The crowing moment for Saurav Ghosal was when he won the under-19 British Open championship in the year 2004 after being ousted in the quarter-finals of the tournament the previous year. Sourav Ghosal was a part of the Indian team that grabbed the silver medallion in the SAF Games in Islamabad in the same year. He finished fifth in the World Junior Championship held in Egypt in the year 2003.

At the age of 21, he is presently 46th seeded squash player in the world. The gifted and vivacious squash player continues to amaze the world with his champion strikes in the squash room.