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Pandit Ganapathi Bhatt is a leading Hindustani Classical singer. He lives and works in a small village Hasanagi in Karnataka. From a very tender age he was passionate about Hindustani Classical music. He learnt this art from two great masters namely the Late Basavaraja Rajaguru and Pandit C.R.Vyas. He is a part of the musical tradition of such great connoisseurs such as Sawai Gandharva, Basavaraj Rajguru and Panchakshari Gawai. Mostly, the upcoming musicians move from [...]

Muthuswami Dikshitar, distinguished classical singer was one of the three Trinities of Carnatic Music in South India. He was born on March 24, 1774 to a musician family in Tamil Nadu. He started training under his father Ramaswami Dikshitar, who was an eminent scholar and creator of Hamsadhwani, the famous raga in Indian Music. His father taught him ancient shastras, music and different Indian languages. Muthuswami Dikshitar was the most dedicated saint of the Bhakti [...]