Pandit Ganpati Bhatt

Pandit Ganapathi Bhatt is a leading Hindustani Classical singer. He lives and works in a small village Hasanagi in Karnataka. From a very tender age he was passionate about Hindustani Classical music. He learnt this art from two great masters namely the Late Basavaraja Rajaguru and Pandit C.R.Vyas. He is a part of the musical tradition of such great connoisseurs such as Sawai Gandharva, Basavaraj Rajguru and Panchakshari Gawai.

Mostly, the upcoming musicians move from villages to big cities, but Pandit Ganpati Bhatt did not move away from his village but brought music to his village. Though this was an impossible proposition, to bring music in the homes of people involved in agriculture, but Pandit Ganpati Bhatt did it. He educated the entire village of Hasanagi in music.

Pandit Ganapati Bhatt completed the secondary school education in the nearby Manchikeri village and did his higher studies in music at the Karnatak College, Dharwad. While learning sitar from Ustad Karim Khan, he realized that his voice is suitable for vocal music. He was trained in vocal music under the classical music maestro Pandit Basavaraj Rajguru. Pandit Ganapati Bhatt accompanied his guru Rajguru and performed throughout the entire country.

Ganapati Bhatt has performed at innumerable concerts all over India. But his performance at the distinguished Sawai Gandharva festival in 1985 in Pune was remarkable. In his performance of 75 minutes, Pandit Ganapati Bhatt sang Madhukauns and Bageshri and won the hearts of the audience. This concert established him as a renowned classical singer.