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Described as ‘one of India’s best and most serious contemporary playwrights writing in English’ by Alexander Viets in the International Herald Tribune, Mahesh Dattani is the first playwright in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi award. Born on August 7, 1958, Mahesh Dattani received his early education at Baldwin’s High School and then went on to join St. Joseph’s College of Fine Arts and Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka. Prior to his stint with the world [...]

Shyam Benegal, a  director who has carved a niche for himself in Indian cinema, was born on 14 December 1934 in Alwal, Hyderabad. Initially, he started off in the advertising industry before moving on to movies. He made his directorial debut with Gher Betha Ganga in 1962, though he became famous for his film Ankur in 1973. He is known for his quartet of movies Ankur (1973), Nishant (1975), Manthan (1976) and Bhumika (1977), which [...]

Sunil Dutt was a famous Bollywood actor, director and parliamentarian. He was born on June 6, 1930, as Balraj Dutt in the village of Khurd in present-day Pakistan. His family came over to India during the partition of the country in 1947. He did his undergraduate studies in Mumbai’s Jai Hind College and started his career as an announcer in the Hindi Service of Radio Ceylon. He shifted to Bollywood and his first Bollywood movie [...]

Satyajit Ray Biography

Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) was a renowned filmmaker, music composer, author and screenwriter. Born in the family which is known for its prominence in literature and arts, Satyajit too started off as a commercial artist with keen interest in independent filmmaking. Vittorio De Sica’s movie Bicycle Thieves and meeting French filmmaker Jean Renoir are said to influence him greatly. Major Works He initially worked as a graphic artist, before moving on to filmmaking. He founded the [...]

Pooja Bhatt is a Bollywood film actress, producer and director. She was born on February 24, 1972. She was born in a family associated with the Indian film industry, her father Mahesh Bhatt is a film director and her grandfather was Nanabhai Bhatt of Prakash Pictures. Pooja Bhatt started her acting career in 1989 with the film Daddy, directed by her father Mahesh Bhatt. The film was partially autobiographical in theme,where she rescues her drunkard [...]

Mahesh Bhatt was born on September 20, 1949 in Mumbai into a family of film makers. He dropped out of college in 1970 and took to filmmaking. Beginning his career as an assistant to director Raj Khosla, he went on to direct his first movie at the age of twenty-one. His movie Saransh won him the Special Jury Award at the Moscow Film Festival in 1985. Mahesh Bhatt became famous with his movies like Arth [...]