Mahesh Dattani

Described as 'one of India's best and most serious contemporary playwrights writing in English' by Alexander Viets in the International Herald Tribune, Mahesh Dattani is the first playwright in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi award. Born on August 7, 1958, Mahesh Dattani received his early education at Baldwin's High School and then went on to join St. Joseph's College of Fine Arts and Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Prior to his stint with the world of theater Mahesh used to work as a copywriter in an advertising firm. He has also worked with his father in the family business. In 1984 he founded his playgroup 'Playpen' and in 1986 he wrote his first play ' Where There's A Will'. Since then he has written many plays such as Tara,Night Queen, Final Solutions and Dance Like A Man. All the plays of Mahesh Dattani are based on the social issues. Apart from theater Mahesh Dattani is also active in the field of film making. His films have been appreciated all over the world. One of his film 'Dance Like A Man' has won the award for the best picture in English awarded by the National Panorama.

Besides being a playwright and a director, Mahesh Dattani adorns the mantle of a teacher with equal ease. He teaches theater courses at the summer session programmes of the Portland University, Oregon, USA. He also imparts training in the field of acting, directing and play writing at his own theater studio in Bangalore.

A director, actor, dancer, teacher and writer, Mahesh Dattani has the versatile personality.
  • Major plays of Mahesh Dattani:
  • Bravely Fought The Queen
  • Dance Like A Man
  • Do The Needful
  • Final Solutions
  • Night Queen
  • On A Muggy Night In Mumbai, Seven Circles Round The Fire
  • Thirty Days In September
  • Where There's A Will

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