Chittorgarh City Map

Chittorgarh, the history laden tourist destination, located in Southern Rajasthan, is a must visit haunt on a tour of marvelous Rajasthan. Replete with relics of the glorious yester years, it boasts of an enviable historical legacy. The site of numerous combats, Chittorgarh lives through the evergreen folktales, that does the rounds.

Chittorgarh City Map

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Chittorgarh City Map
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*Map showing roads, hotels, hospitals and other places of interest in Chittorgarh City. Disclaimer

The eventful history of Chittorgarh dates back to the Mahabharata. The legend has it that the brave Bhim, stomped the ground with such force that a water body was born. Chittorgarh is famous for the tale of 'Bhim Lat'. Besides, 'jauhar' and illustrious reigns mark the history of Chittorgarh.

Traveling to Chittorgarh is hasslefree. Bus regularly ply between Delhi and a host of places in Rajasthan . You can also avail the trains like the Ahmedabad Express and the Chetak Express.

The towering fortress of Chittorgarh, circa eighth century, erected by Bappa Rawal of Sisodia, the witness to many a heroic feats, is one of the coveted tourist destinations of the region. You can also hotfoot it to the lovely palace of the brave Rana Kumbha. The majestic Vijaya Stambh, an insignia of valor and glory, the olympian Kirti Stambh, the palace of the famed Rani Padmini, the shrine dedicated to Meera Bai, the ardent worshipper of the Blue God Krishna. Besides these, you could visit the temple of Kalika Mata, the Government Museum, Mohar Magri, Tulja Bhawani shrine, Singar Chauri, Nagri, Bassi, Mati Kundiya shrine among a host of others. The vibrant Chittorgarh, emanating an old-world charm, also houses several wildlife parks. You can troop to the verdant Bhainsroragrh Wildlife park and the sanctuary of Sitamata, located in Dhariyavad.

If you are a compulsive shopper, you will be spoilt for choice. Stack your bags with handcrafted collectors' items from Bassi, like lovely playthings etched out of wood. The bustling Station Circle, Fort Road Market, Sadar Bazaar are some of the popular shopping hubs of Chittorgarh.

Though Chittorgarh is an oft visited destination, lack of premier hotels may act as a dampener in your tour of this history etched realm. There are, however, a lot of budget hotels, that dish out a host of services.

So, get to ready to embark on a wonderful journey!

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