Schedule for 12724 - A P Express New Delhi to Hyderabad Decan


12724 A P Express route

Sno Stn Code Stn Name Route No. Arr Time Dep Time Halt Time Distance Day
1NDLSNEW DELHI 1Source17:25:00001
2MTJ MATHURA JN 119:23:0019:25:0021411
3AGC AGRA CANTT 120:10:0020:13:0031951
4GWL GWALIOR 121:57:0022:00:0033131
5JHS JHANSI JN 123:25:0023:35:00104101
6BPL BHOPAL JN 103:20:0003:30:00107012
7NGP NAGPUR 109:35:0009:45:001010902
8CD CHANDRAPUR 112:24:0012:26:00212872
9BPQ BALHARSHAH 113:20:0013:30:001013012
10SKZRSIRPUR KAGAZNGR114:18:0014:20:00213712
11BPA BELLAMPALLI 114:53:0014:55:00214092
12MCI MANCHIRYAL 115:13:0015:15:00214292
13RDM RAMAGUNDAM 115:23:0015:25:00214432
14KZJ KAZIPET JN 116:45:0016:47:00215362
15SC SECUNDERABAD JN119:00:0019:05:00516672
16HYB HYDERABAD DECAN119:35:00Destination016772

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Last Updated on: January 16, 2017

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