Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

The office of the Chief Minister is vested with the maximum power in the government, although the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is made answerable to the Governor. Precisely, it can be said that the Chief Minister is the head of the state of Madhya Pradesh government.

Chief Minister is elected as the head of the government through a general election, and the party that gets the majority nominates its leader as candidate for the post of Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister is elected for a term of 5 years; but a Chief Minister can be re-elected after the expiry of his tenure, i. e. a person can nominate himself as the prospective candidate owing to the response he gets from the general public.

Some of the famous Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh who will always be remembered in Indian political system are:
  • Prakash Chand Sethi
  • Kailsh Chandra Joshi
  • Virendra Kumar Sakhlecha
  • Sunderlal Patwa
  • Arjun Singh
  • Motilal Vora
  • Digvijay Singh
  • Uma Bharti
  • Babulal Gaur
  • Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
It is noteworthy that beside these Chief Ministers in Madhya Pradesh there has been times when the administration of Madhya Pradesh went under the domain of the President of India.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who is the present Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has been a good administrator since his appointment on 29th November, 2005.

Although the Governor elects the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, but it on the advise of the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh that the Governor takes some crucial decisions like:
  • appointing some of the significant administrative departments, viz.:
    • the Council of Minister
    • Advocate General
    • Chairman and members of the State Public Service Commission, etc.
    • dismiss the aforesaid posts on lieu of breach of duty
    • confirm the bills passed in the Legislative Assembly, etc.
Although the constitution of India has rendered the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh answerable to the Governor, it is the Chief Minister who enjoys the highest administrative position.

Last Updated on : 14th March 2013