Central Information Commission

The Central Information Commission of India constitutes one Chief Information Commissioner, under whom 10 Information Commissioners work. The Information Commissioners are appointed by the President of India. Central Government passes a Gazette Notification through which the members of the Central Information Commission, India are appointed. The head-quarter of the Central Information Commission in India is located in the capital city of Delhi. The Central Information Commission India is not answerable to any other authority, than the President himself.

The Commission enjoys all the powers of a Civil Court in India. Some such powers are enlisted below:

  • Evidence on affidavits can be received
  • Summons for verifying witnesses or documents can be issued
  • Discovery and inspection of documents can be called by the Commission
  • Attendance of persons, making them to offer oral or written evidence on oath and to provide documents or things
  • Public records or copies from any court or office of the country can be requisitioned
  • Relief measures carried out after Gujarat Earthquake 2001

The members of the Central Information Commission are usually those people who have a wide range of knowledge as well as experience in the fields of management, law, social service, administration, science and technology, mass media, journalism or governance. The main job of the Central Information Commission is to send annual reports to the Central Government, regarding the execution of law and order during the year. The Ministry in turn sends a report to the Central Information Commission from its various Public Authorities.

At the end of each year, the Central Government presents the reports sent by the Central Information Commission, in the Parliament. Those working in the Central Information Commission are appointed for a span of five years or till they attain the age of sixty five, whichever is earlier.

Last Updated on 28 September 2012



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