Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is elected by the lower house of the Parliament. He is chosen from the Lok Sabha members for a time span of five years. He acts as the presiding officer in the absence of the Speaker of Lok Sabha. He is supposed to perform all the duties and responsibilities of the Speaker in absence of him. Lok Sabha elects the Speaker from one of its members. The Speaker is helped by the Deputy Speaker for proper implementation of the work. The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is Shri Charanjit Singh Atwal.

It is his responsibility to carry on various procedures of the lower houses of Parliament in the absence of the Speaker of Lok Sabha. The members of the Parliament raise various issues in the lower house before the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha. He is supposed to listen to every member and come out with a solution for it. The time for taking up the agendas are allotted by the Business Advisory Committee of the Lok Sabha. Certain rules and directions are given by the Speaker for regulating the process of work in Lok Sabha.

The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is appointed in the first meeting of the lower house of Parliament. The meeting is held just after the elections. The person who is appointed as the Deputy Speaker of lower house must resign from his party to carry out his work properly. It is a norm in the Lok Sabha that the Deputy Speaker must be impartial and should not belong to any political party. The Deputy Speaker of the Parliament is responsible for carrying out several functions like:

  1. Maintaining discipline and order in the Parliament
  2. Taking decision on important issues
  3. Deciding about the next issue to be taken up in the meeting
  4. Giving punishment to any member of the parliament for misbehavior
  5. Giving permission for several resolutions like and motions like motion of adjournment, motion of censure and motion of censure
  6. Appropriating a bill ( money bill or non money bill)

Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012