Directorate of Public Grievances

Directorate of Public Grievances is a managerial system of the Government of India. The Directorate offers optimum justice to the citizen of India in acquiring fair dealing of any unresolved issue. Such issues related to the precise Central Government Organizations or Departments are mainly addressed by the Directorate of Public Grievances or DPG. This facilitation is made available by the Directorate of Public Grievances in discussion with the Central Government Organization or Department. The rectification is then offered by the concerned organizations.

The Directorate of Public Grievances of India can be approached with definite particulars of the grievance along with the copies of supporting proof or documents to authenticate the same. It should also be indicated whether any plea against any prior decision of the respective Department or Organization, before any Tribunal, Court or Consumer Forum have been filed or not.

The postal identity, telephone number and e-mail, if any, and the complete address of the person having the grievance should be stated. In the letter the concerned person should also provide his/her thumb impression or signature. After receiving the grievance the Directorate of Public Grievances acts according to the demands of the situation. It is the responsibility of the Indian Directorate of Public Grievances to ensure that the grievance is dealt in a fair and free manner.

The grievances are dealt with by the DPG within 15 days of the submission of the same. Physical records are kept for two years from the date of closure by the DPG in such cases where these are not in favor of the individual. If the cases are in favor of the individuals, physical records are maintained by DPG for 1 year from the date of closure. Also, in cases where comments are demanded by the Directorate of Public Grievances from the concerned organization or department, physical records are kept by the DPG.

Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012