Indian Visa/ Passport

Indian Visa/ Passport are issued to the citizens of the country by the Consular Passport and Visa Division or the CPV Division of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Visa/passport is necessary for international travel by the citizens of India. The Indian Visa Passport can be applied for by the citizens from as many as 28 places in the country apart from 160 Indian missions in the foreign countries.

Indian Passport

There are three different types of passports, for which the Indian citizens can apply. These are as follows:
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Regular Passport
  • Official Passport
The various passports differ in purpose as well as in appearance. While the Diplomatic Passport has a maroon cover, the Regular Passport has a navy blue cover and the Official Passport can be easily identified by its white cover. However, all of them have the Emblem of India printed on it with the words, "Republic of India" and "Passport" inscribed below the Emblem in English as well as in Hindi.

The major thing needed for making Indian Passport and also the Visa is the identity of the holder. The main information needed while applying for any kind of passport is:
  • Photo of Passport Holder
  • Signature of the Passport Holder
  • Country Code (IND)
  • Surname
  • Given Names
  • Name of Father or Legal Guardian
  • Name of Mother
  • Nationality
  • Name of Spouse
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Sex

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Indian Visa

The Indian Visa helps the citizens to go and stay for some time in the foreign countries. Some of the countries offer Visa on Arrival facilities or the facility of Visa Free Travel to the Indian citizens. Some of these are as follows:
  • Andorra
  • Azerbaijan
  • Nepal
  • Bhutan
  • Hong Kong
  • Oman
  • Jamaica
  • Kenya
  • Czech Republic
There are a number of visas which are issued by the CPV Division for different purposes. These are:
  • Transit visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Business Visa