Independent Departments- Government of India

Founded by the Indian Constitution, the Government of India is the governing body of a federal state. It has several independent departments namely, the Department of Space Department of Atomic Energy and others. The space unit, of the independent departments- Government of India creates innovative technologies for the development of space science. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) has two space systems, namely, INSAT and IRS.

The former is meant for television broadcasting, meteorological work and communication purposes. The Department of Space, an Independent Departments - Government of India, was founded in June 1972. ISRO, under Space Department of India, develops satellites, Sounding Rockets and launch vehicles. The activities of this department include involvement in global science campaigns, IRS-P3 satellites and SROSS. The functions of this department are proper monitoring of the satellites like Bhaskara, Apple, Rohini, Aryabhatta, through ISRO.

On the other hand, another important independent department of Government of India is the Department of Atomic Energy. This department is responsible for monitoring the various nuclear programs of India. The Minister in charge of the department is Dr. Manmohan Singh. The two major power generating units of the Government of India are Nuclear Corporation of India Ltd and Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd. Both of the units work on the development of nuclear power programs in India.

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Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012