Commonwealth Games Results

The Commonwealth Games is a multi-sport event held every four years with participation of various nations of the Commonwealth. The games are controlled and directed by the Commonwealth Games Federation. There are nearly 71 nations participating in the games. The Commonwealth Games Results will give a brief record of the achievements from 1930 to 2006.

In the first Commonwealth Games in Hamilton 1930 there were six sports namely Boxing, Athletics, Wrestling, Aquatics (Swimming and Diving), Lawn Bowls and Rowing. Now it includes nearly 25 different sports disciplines. Numerous Commonwealth Games records have been made and broken. In the 1930 games George William Bailey of England won gold for the Mens 2 Mile Steeplechase.

India first attended the Games in 1934 and has participated in a total of 13 Games. The country won an outstanding 69 medals in Manchester 2002. In Melbourne 2006, it won 50 medals and in total in twelve Games it has won 272 medals.

Initially India had won medals in wrestling, boxing, weightlifting and badminton. But it has now won medals in athletics, hockey, table tennis, shooting and judo too. India has won gold in various shooting events in 2002, 2006, 1994 and 1998. Jaspal Rana of India won gold for shooting events in 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006. The 2010 Commonwealth Games will be held in the city of Delhi in India and may add to the medal tally of Jaspal Rana.. In weightlifting, gold was won by Kunjarani Devi Nameirakpam, Shailaja Pujari, Pratima Kumari and Sanamacha Chanu in 2002. Paramjit Sharma, Chandersekaran Rajhavan won gold in 1990 and Badathala Adisekhar in 1994.

Padukone was the first Indian to win gold in badminton in the 1978 Games at Edmonton, Canada. India stood fourth in 2002 at Manchester. Jaspal Rana and Anjali Vedpathak won 14 gold in shooting and11 gold were won by women lifters. Samaresh Jung was crowned the most outstanding athlete at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. He won 7 medals including 5 gold in shooting. At this game India won 3 gold medals in women's weightlifting, 1 gold in boxing and 2 gold in table tennis which took the country to the 4th place.