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2011 Cricket World Cup Prize Money

Anticipated as one of the most awaited events of the year, the 2011 Cricket World Cup is just a month away. The excitement and jubilation can be felt all over the Indian subcontinent. Since people in India are simply crazy over the sport it is but natural that the cricket world cup occupies a very important position in their hearts.

The schedule of the 2011 world cup includes 14 cricket playing nations that are divided into group A and group B. There will be a total of 49 matches and all the 14 teams will just be battling for two things; the world cup and the Cricket World Cup Prize Money.

The cricket board decides on a particular amount of money to be given to the winning team of the world cup finals. The prize money is a kind of motivation for the players.

The 2011 Cricket World Cup Prize Money has been decided upon by the International Cricket Council. The estimated 2011 Cricket World Cup Prize Money is $10 million.

The cricket board agreed to set this astounding prize money for the 2011 cricket world cup just to lay emphasis on the importance of the event.

The prize money for the cricket world cup 2007 was $5 million which has been exactly doubled for the 2011 Cricket World Cup. It is the winning team of the 2011 world that will receive this prize money. The prize money will then be further divided among the different members of the winning team.

Last Updated on 01 April 2011

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