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Mizoram General Election Results

Map of Mizoram Parliamentary Constituencies

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*Map Showing the Parliamentary Constituencies of Mizoram State. Disclaimer

Mizoram Lok Sabha Election 2019 Dates

StatePhase I (91)Phase II (97)Phase III (115)phaseIV (71)Phase V (51)phase VI (59)Phase VII(59)

Mizoram Lok Sabha Election 2014 Dates

*Mizoram polling date: 11 April (Phase 2)

PC No.PC NameCategoryIssue of NotificationLast Date for filing NominationsScrutiny of NominationsLast date for withdrawal of CandidaturePolling DateCounting of VotesDate before which the election shall be Completed
1Mizoram(ST)15 Mar22 Mar24 Mar26 Mar09 Apr16 May28 May

About Mizoram

One of the seven sister states of northeast India, Mizoram is considered as a storehouse of natural beauty with its incessant diversity of landscape and hilly topography.

Formed on 20 February 1987, the name Mizoram literally means 'land of the hill'. Sharing its border with Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Bangladesh and Burma, the state holds an area of immense strategic importance in the region. The people of Mizoram, also known as Mizos, take great pride in the natural paradise they reside in. Recognised for their unselfish nature, Mizos have over the years taken a liking for the western culture. This influence starkly comes across in their taste for music, which vibrates across the state.

Member Representation at the Centre

With India gearing up for the 16th Lok Sabha Elections (General Elections), people of Mizoram would only hope for the state's economy to flourish under the new government. Since 1972, politics in the state has been led by the Mizo National Front and the Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (INC). Mizoram has one parliamentary representative in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha.

Ruling Party and the Constitution

Though the Governor is the constitutional head of the state, the real executive power lies in the hands of the Chief Minister and his Cabinet. The incumbent Chief Minister, Pu Lalthanhawla and his party (INC) won majority and formed the government in the recently conducted Assembly Elections. The Congress bagged 34 seats, while the Mizo National Front and Mizoram People's Conference bagged five and one seat, respectively.

Election History

Elections for the Mizoram Legislative Assembly began in 1972. The state's first Chief Minister was Ch Chuhunga from the Mizo Union. In 1978 and 1979, the Mizo People's Conference governed the state under the leadership of Thenphunga Sailo. However, the incumbent INC under the representation of Pu Lalthanhawla debuted its win in 1984. The following Assembly Elections in 1987, the first after Mizoram attained recognition as the 23rd state of India, saw the Mizo National Front come into power. Since then, the race has been intense between the Congress and the Mizo National Front with the former having governed the state in 1984, 1989, 1993, 2008 and 2013. The Mizo National Front governed the state in 1998 and 2003 under the leadership of Pu Zoramthanga.

The upcoming polls will be the state's 12th Lok Sabha elections. The first elections held in 1971, saw the Mizo Union come into power. The 1977 and 1980 elections were clinched by Independents. It was in 1984, when the INC broke into the scene and represented the state at the Centre for four continuous terms. In 1998 and 1999, Independent parties put a break to Congress' winning streak. The 2004 elections gave the Mizo National Front a chance to occupy the parliamentary seat. However, the incumbent Congress ruled the roost again in 2009.

Political Parties

  • Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee : The MPCC, representative of the Indian National Congress, is currently governing the state. The elected office bearers are President Pu Lalthanhawla, Vice President Pu Lalzirliana and Treasurer Pu H Liansailova.

  • Mizo National Front : Founded in 1961, the MNF emerged out of the Mizo National Famine Front, which was formed by Pu Laldenga to oppose the Centre's inaction towards the famine situation in the state in 1959. The party staged a massive rebellion in 1966 against the government that lasted for almost two decades. This uprising saw its end with the Mizoram Peace Accord signed on 30 June 1986, between the MNF and the Government of India. This led to the formation of the state of Mizoram in 1987. Laldenga was elected as the Chief Minister then.

  • Mizoram People's Conference : Founded in 1975, by Brig. Thenphunga Sailo, the MPC holds the status of a regional party in Mizoram and is the third largest party in the state. Headquartered in Aizawl, the party governed the state from 1979 to 1984.
The other regional parties in the state are Ephraim Israel National Convention, Ephraim Union, Lai People's Party, Maraland Democratic Front, Mizoram Secular Force, Reang Democratic Party and Zoram Nationalist Party.

Prominent Political Leaders

  • Pu Lalthanhawla : Currently the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Lalthanhawla is the founder of the Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee, a part of the INC. An Arts graduate, Lalthanhawla has successfully contested in nine General Elections so far. A recipient of the National Citizen Award in 1994, and the Mother Teresa Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009, Lalthanhawla is actively involved in voluntary services and promotion of sports in the state. His electoral constituencies are Serchhip and Hrangturzo.

  • Pu Laldenga : An army officer and then a human rights activist, Laldenga was the first Chief Minister of Mizoram after it attained statehood in 1987. He was the founder of the Mizo National Front. He suffered from Chronic Lung Cancer that eventually led to his death in 1990.

  • Pu Zoramthanga : A former guerrilla leader, Zoramthanga was the fifth Chief Minister of Mizoram and governed the state from 1998 to 2008 for two successive terms. Under the leadership of Laldenga, Zoramthanga took care of the Finance and Education departments. Despite ruling the government for a decade, he faced a huge setback in the 2008 and 2013 state elections to the hands of MPCC. His electoral constituency is Champhai.

Assembly Constituencies in Mizoram Parliamentary Constituency
Hachhek (ST)Aizawl West-I (ST)Hrangturzo (ST)
Dampa (ST)Aizawl West-II (ST)South Tuipui (ST)
Mamit (ST)Aizawl West-III (ST)Lunglei North (ST)
Tuirial (ST)Aizawl South-I (ST)Lunglei East (ST)
Kolasib (ST)Aizawl South-II (ST)Lunglei West (ST)
Serlui (ST)Aizawl South-III (ST)Lunglei South (ST)
Tuivawl (ST)Lengteng (ST)Thorang (ST)
Chalfilh (ST)Tuichang (ST)West Tuipui (ST)
Tawi (ST)Champhai North (ST)Tuichawng (ST)
Aizawl North-I (ST)Champhai South (ST)Lawngtlai West (ST)
Aizawl North-II (ST)East Tuipui (ST)Lawngtlai East (ST)
Aizawl North-III (ST)Serchhip (ST)Saiha (ST)
Aizawl East-ITuikum (ST)Palak (ST)
Aizawl East-II (ST) 

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  Election Highlights  
Quick Facts No. of PCs : 1
No. of Polling Days : 1
Polling Dates : 09 April (Phase 2)
No. of Polling Stations : 1125
No. of Polling Station locations : 1032
Total Electors : 6,96,448 electors (as on 20th March 2014)
Electors in Age Group 18 to 25 years : 34.68%
Women Electors : 50.7%
Poll Expenditure Limit per Candidate : Rs.70 lakhs

Mizoram Parliamentary Constituency Winners 2009

PC No.PC NameCategoryWinning CandidateGenderPartyTotal Votes

  Mizoram Parliamentary Constituencies  

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