Bijapur Weather

The district of Bijapur lies at the coordinates of 16.83° N 75.7° E at an average elevation of 606 meters from the sea level. This district of North Karnataka presents a comfortable climate in the season of winter. The Bijapur weather remains quite hot in summer. The summer months in Bijapur linger from April to May. In this time of the year, the climate of Bijapur remains quite dry. The tourists visiting Bijapur in summers are recommended to put on light cotton clothes.

The monsoon season in Bijapur starts in the month of June and continues to October. The average rainfall in Bijapur recorded every year is 552.8 mm. According to the meteorological department of Karnataka, Bijapur experiences rainfall for 37.2 days every year. During this time of the year the temperature is not that high as in the summer months. But the only disadvantage of Bijapur weather during the monsoon is that people are faced with a very high level of humidity.

After the completion of rainy season, the weather of Bijapur gradually turns quite congenial. The months between November to March prove to be ideal for the travelers to make a tour to Bijapur. In this time of the year, the tourists are disturbed neither by unbearable heat nor by humidity. Tourists can put on light woolen garments and enjoy a comfortable tour of Bijapur during this time of year.

Last Updated on 07 August 2012