Weather of Nagpur

Nagpur, the orange city of Maharashtra covers an area of about 220 km2, and lies about 310 meters above the sea level.

Weather of Nagpur is a dry or mildly humid climate because it is located far away from the sea, in the center of Peninsula India.

There is a great variation of seasonal temperature. People of Nagpur enjoy three major seasons namely Summers, Winters and Monsoons.

Summers approach from the beginning of March and end to June. In summers the mercury rises rapidly and exceeding 45°C. Weather of Nagpur during the summers are very hot and dry with little or no wind movement.

The relative humidity of Nagpur is 60 per cent. Summers are quite suffocating.

Weather of Nagpur during the winters are chilly. Winter lasts till January and the temperatures drops below 10°C. Winter season is the ideal time to enjoy travel in Nagpur district. Winter starts with the advent of Deepavali in October.

In winters the day temperature drops below 15 degree Celsius and the air is calm and dry. Woolen clothing are required during winters. There is no winter rainfall. Nights are cooler then that the daytime.

The weather in Nagpur experience a typical seasonal monsoon. Monsoon sets in the month of June with the arrival of South-westerly monsoon winds. Maximum and continuous rainfall occurs during July and August. The city receives 1,205 mm of annual rainfall in the months of June and September.

Last Updated on: 13/05/2013