Madurai Weather

Madurai weather is characterized by hot and humid summers and pleasant winters. This type of weather is typical of the Deccan Plateau. The summer months are very uncomfortable with May being the hottest month. Temperatures reach as high as 38° Celsius in May. Therefore, it is advisable that tourists visiting this city should wear light cotton clothes.

As Madurai in located in the central part of India, it receives less amount of rainfall, compared to the coastal cities. The monsoon season in Madurai stretches from September to November. During this period the city of Madurai is susceptible to heavy torrential rains. The city received 237.8 cm of rainfall from the southwest monsoon and 316 cm of rainfall from the northeast monsoon, according to data recorded in 2002.

The winter months of December, January and February are the best time to visit Madurai. The temperature during these months hover around 30° Celsius. The humidity is also comparatively less than in the summer months. Therefore, the weather of Madurai can be termed as hot and humid.

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