India Defence

India Defense force comprising of Army, Navy and the Air Force is responsible for defending the country's borders as defined by law and enshrined in the Constitution. The history of India Defense can be traced to the emergence of civilization when for the first time the need to defend the inhabited territory gained significant importance. To begin with, the groups within the community took the responsibility of safeguarding their area amongst themselves. Later with the emergence of kingdoms the concept of army was introduced which was gradually developed further.

The present structure of India defense is based on the system introduced by the British during their colonial stay. Here we will take you to a quick tour of three main wings of the Indian Armed Forces.

The Indian Army is classified into two broad categories Arms and Services. The army is responsible for safeguarding the long borders of the country, assistance of civil administration in maintenance of law and order, organizing relief operations during natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and cyclones and in the maintenance of essential services. The Indian Army is organized into five regional commands: HQ Central Command, Lucknow; HQ Eastern Command, Calcutta; HQ Northern Command, Udhampur; HQ Western Command, Chandimandir; and HQ Southern Command, Pune.

Indian Navy is responsible for the maritime security as well as facilitating sustainable development of India's island territories. This wing of India Defense is organized into three regional commands - HQ Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam, HQ Western Naval Command, Mumbai and HQ Southern Naval Command, Kochi. The Indian Navy has developed a strong fleet of indigenous ships, major sub systems, sensors and weapon system with the help of Defense Research & Development Organization and Defense Public Sector Undertakings.

The Indian Air Force since last several decades have presented their services to the Nation. Its wide range of activities include counter air, counter surface, strategic and combat support operations, and aiding the civil authorities in case of emergencies. The Indian Air Force have following commands : HQ Central Air Command, Allahabad, HQ Eastern Air Command, Shillong, HQ Western Air Command, New Delhi, HQ Southern Air Command, Thiruvananthapuram, HQ South-Western Air Command, Gandhi Nagar HQ Maintenance Command, Nagpur and HQ Training Command, Bangalore.

Besides these three wings, mention should also be made of Paramilitary Forces, Strategic Nuclear Command (SNG), and Coast Guard (CG). Paramilitary forces act as auxiliary forces deployed for counter insurgency or anti terrorist missions while SNG is responsible for the management and security of country's tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile. On the same lines Coast Guard (CG) set up as an Armed Force of the Union in 1978 is responsible for the security of Exclusive Economic Zones spread over 2.02 million sq kms.

All the armed forces come under Ministry of Defense.

Last Updated on 19th Oct 2012