Indian Parliament

Location Map of Parliament of India

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Location Map of Parliament of India
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The Indian Parliament is the utmost lawmaking body of the country. The Indian Parliament encompasses Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha. After the first general elections were held under the new Constitution in 1951-52, the first chosen Parliament in India came into existence in the year 1952 in the month of April.

The Parliament of India is of bicameral type. The Lok Sabha members are selected straight by all entitled voters and remains in seat for a period of five years unless the House gets dissolved before hand. The state legislatures along with the union territories choose 233 members to Rajya Sabha. In Rajya Sabha of Parliament, 12 of the members are chosen by the Indian President.

The Lok Sabha is the organization of representatives of the nation. The candidates who are appointed as Lok Sabha members should have the minimum age of 25 years. The present Lok Sabha membership is 545.

The Upper House of the Parliament is known as Rajya Sabha. There can be 250 members in Rajya Sabha. The Rajya Sabha members should have at least 30 years of age. The twelve candidates who are selected by the President of India to Rajya Sabha can belong from various areas like arts, literature, social service and science and should have gained distinction and praise in any of these areas.

The Upper House or the Rajya Sabha is a permanent body. One third of the Rajya Sabha members have to get retired after a gap of two years. The major function of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha is passing laws. Every bill has to be passed by both the Houses and acquiesced to by the Indian President prior to becoming a law.

The presiding officer of Lok Sabha is known as the Speaker and he/she is assisted by a Deputy Speaker. Both the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are elected from the elected members of Lok Sabha. Rajya Sabha has the Vice President of India as its ex officio Chairperson. The "Sansad Bhavan" or the Parliament House of India has a circular building which was designed by Herbert Baker.

Last Updated on : December 14, 2015