Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

The Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 11, 2014 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, on the birth anniversary of Jayaprakash Narayan.

The Objective

Taking inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi who spoke of developing villages in order to develop India, the Prime Minister has set a goal that by 2016, all parliamentarians must target to establish at least one Model village in his or her constituency, with the goal of improving the physical and institutional infrastructure in a holistic way that is centred on the village community.

The long term aim is that each of these villages will then inspire and serve as a model to other villages in the area. Once the model village is set up, the parliamentarians may then adopt more villages to be developed on a similar pattern.

Value proposition of SAGY

Very rightly, SAGY aims to instil values in people that will form the basis for transformation of thought and lifestyle at the village level.

The programme aims to focus on inclusiveness of all sections of the community and garner their support towards establishing common objectives of governance of their village. Its other objectives are:

Extending the 'Antyodaya' principle, enabling social and economic development of the poorest and weakest in society.

Guaranteeing social justice for all, while ensuring gender equality and respect to all women. Bringing back the spirit of community service through voluntary work, while ensuring dignity of labour for all.

Making cleanliness a lifestyle and ensuring a right balance of developing the village in consonance with preserving the ecology.

Encouraging self-help and self-reliance, while fostering the spirit of mutual cooperation, social harmony and peace amongst all.

Ensuring local self-governance that stands on principles of transparency, integrity and probity in public life.

Ensuring that all activities are carried out as per values and guidelines, as assured in the Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties of the Indian Constitution.

Objective of SAGY

The program aims to initiate and establish holistic processes of development of the Gram Panchayat, which will then serve as a basis and model to other Gram Panchayats to follow.

To significantly upgrade the standard and quality of life of all residing in the village by initiating steps to improve basic amenities, enhance human development, create livelihood opportunities while boosting productivity, enriching social capital while reducing disparities between various sections of society, ensuring access to rights & entitlement to all, by encouraging wider social inclusiveness and mobilisation.

SAGY plans to develop locally inspired models of development based on self-governance that serves as a viable model for extension to other villages in the area. Each Adarsh Gram would serve as an example to train other Gram Panchayats on development models.

The approach to implementation of SAGY

The guiding principles for successful implementation will include leveraging the leadership and popularity of the Members of Parliament amongst the people in their respective constituencies, to guide and drive the programme.

Involving the people from all sections to contribute to various development programs initiated. To ensure that local involvement succeeds in bringing together various initiatives by the government and private agencies, in a planned and coordinated manner.

To build long term relationships based on cooperation and guidance from various academic & research agencies, voluntary organisations and co-operatives, while focusing on outcomes and sustainability of various initiatives.

Holistic approach to development under SAGY includes:

Personal development

At the individual level, the programme seeks to bring about higher consciousness about personal health and hygiene, while maintaining cleanliness in the home and the area around the home. Imbibing a healthy lifestyle built around regular exercising and shunning of unhealthy habits such as alcohol, smoking, substance abuse etc.

Human development

The programme will ensure development of medical facilities and universal access to basic health amenities and regular medical examination, through issuance of medical cards.

Improving the nutritional status with special focus on pregnant women, lactating mothers, young girls and children. The medical programme to cover 100per cent immunisation for all residents of the village. Focus on maintaining a balanced sex-ratio and ensuring access to facilities and special needs of persons with disability. Ensuring maximum enrolment and completion of schools through development of smart schools, which will have IT-enabled classrooms, e-library and provide web based teaching, using modern teaching aids and techniques.

Promote adult literacy programmes and inculcate the habit of reading by promoting e-literacy and making available e-libraries.

Social development

To develop a sense of ownership at the village level by encouraging voluntary participation in all development activity.

Public recognition by honouring elders, women, martyrs, freedom fighters etc, to establish role models for people to emulate.

Educate and sensitise the youth towards a crime-free society and respect for women and elders. Encourage sports, cultural and social integration activities at the local level by involving all residents. Develop a 'Village Song' and celebrate one specific day each year as the 'Village Day' to instil a sense of pride and entity for the village.

Focus on integrating all weaker sections, schedule castes and backward classes into all activities.

Economic development

Develop opportunities for generating livelihood by optimally utilising local resources to promote agriculture and allied activities that include livestock and horticulture.

Promote modern methods to boost agricultural output through use of soil testing, high yielding seeds, organic farming, micro irrigation and crop intensification techniques. Setting up of agro-service centres, seed banks and issuance of soil health cards.

Improve livestock management by establishing cattle hostel, Gobar Bank and veterinary services Promoting rural entrepreneurship opportunities in post-harvest applications, dairy development and processing, micro enterprises and traditional industries. Developing employment opportunities in village and eco-tourism.

Setting up of skill development programmes for the youth.

Environment development

Promoting better health and sanitation practices by encouraging use of toilets in homes and public places. Establishing soil and waste management facility by building bio-gas and composting units.

Promoting planting of trees in homes and public areas, while developing social forestry. Reviving water bodies through better watershed management techniques and encouraging roof-top water harvesting in each home.

Creating awareness and impact of air, water and soil pollution, and means of controlling them.

Providing better amenities and services

Building of pucca houses for those without a home and also for those living in kuccha houses. Providing piped drinking water to all homes and building all-weather roads from inner lanes to the main road. Providing electricity to all households and encouraging the use of solar for both electricity and cooking purposes. Developing street lighting using solar power.

Building of pucca structures for public use buildings like the Gram Panchayat, school, Anganwadi, community hall, medical facilities, crematorium etc.

Setting up of public facilities like Micro Mini Banks, ATMs, PDS Outlets. Making available broadband services to all and providing access to common web-based services to all village residents.

Social security

This is an important objective with special focus on introducing a variety of social security programmes like the Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana and the Health insurance program-RSBY, to all eligible families. Pension schemes for the old & aged, widows, disabled and other eligible families along with access to PDS facilities for all.

Good governance

The purpose is to strengthen the Gram Panchayat and Gram Sabha through use of e-governance to improve, information and time-bound monitoring of service delivery as per Department's Citizen Charter, attendance and performance monitoring of government and panchayat staff, and using technology for faster flow of welfare information of public interest.

The programme encourages holding of Mahila Gram Sabha before each Gram Sabha meeting. Each Gram Sabha to be held four times a year, while Bal Sabha to be held every quarter.

Bi-annual Social Audit of all programmes implemented by the Gram Sabha to be facilitated by the Social Audit Units under MNREGA.

Gram Panchayat to ensure all information related to activities, revenues & expenditure, etc to be displayed for public scrutiny through display on notice boards and the web; also releasing list of applicants and beneficiaries of any programmes.

Strengthening of the public grievance system by establishing an effective grievance registering and monitoring process with clear guidelines for status update and response to the applicant.

Use of technology and innovations

To facilitate successful programme monitoring and implementation, remote sensing based GIS technology will be used to map physical assets under each village.

The National Informatics Centre will be engaged to provide geo-tagging application tools for programme monitoring, using mobile technology.

To boost and monitor agro-based practices, the local Krishi Vigyan Kendra and the District ATMA will be engaged to provide all necessary inputs.

Institutions like the National Innovation Foundation and the Bank of Ideas and Innovation, established under the State Rural Livelihood Mission, will be tapped for providing all necessary information, training and support for improving opportunities for employment and livelihood at the local level.

Promotion of low cost building materials and housing technologies using latest innovations developed by IIT Delhi and Ministry of Rural Development.

Effective road building technologies will be taught by the National Roads Development Agency. Water management and supply, along with development of sanitation & waste management to be promoted using low cost locally developed technologies and made available through the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

The Ministry of Rural Development will coordinate with all relevant agencies to ensure a coordinated availability of information, training and resources at the Adarsh Gram level.

SAGY Outcome and Sustainability


The broad outcome of the programme is to create local opportunities for employment and livelihood generation, while reducing distress migration for employment. Complete freedom from bonded labour, child labour and manual scavenging.

Total registry of all births and deaths and ensuring a healthy male-female ratio. Promotion of social integration and harmony amongst all communities and ensuring social justice for all through locally managed fair and transparent grievance redressal mechanisms.

Establish a demonstration impact on other villages so that they too may emulate the model.


The success of SAGY depends not only on implementation of the programme but also its sustainability. To ensure this, MPs will be tasked to ensure continual monitoring of the programme and engage with local communities on a regular basis.

Establish a strong ownership of the programme by the Gram Panchayat and supported by all residents. Involving established private companies to build and operate larger assets like sewerage, waste management and water supply systems, while involving SHGs for managing smaller assets like bio-gas, vermicomposting facilities etc.

Establishing publicly visible clear guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures for implementation and monitoring of all programmes.

Identifying an Adarsh Gram

A village in plain areas with a population of 3000-5000 and 1000-3000 in hill and tribal areas, would be ideal for selection as an Adarsh Gram.

A Member of Parliament is free to choose his or her own village or his spouse's village, as an Adarsh Gram. Each MP must identify one village for initial development and may shortlist 2-3 more for subsequent inclusion under the program.

The objective is to have established at least three Adarsh Grams by 2019, with at least one by 2016. Thereafter, the target is to develop at least five Adarsh Grams at the rate of one per year till 2024.

Role and responsibility of each Member of Parliament

Identification of the Adarsh Gram and social mobilisation of members of that village through a series of engagement and inclusion initiatives.

Communicate the purpose and values of the schemes to all residents with clear benefits and goals defined. Include suggestions from local residents and define a roll out plan. Mobilise necessary resources through local contribution of time and resources and fill in the crucial gaps by utilising MPLADS fund, wherever necessary.

The MPs will have to periodically monitor the progress and step in to remove any roadblocks that may arise through community engagement, at all levels.

Ensure complete transparency in programme implementation and monitoring of outcomes & benefits, as also transparent redressal of all grievances.

Some of the prominent Members of Parliament to have announced selection of their respective Villages for development are:

Narendra Modi: Jayapur village in Varanasi district, U.P.
Rajnath Singh: Benti village, Lucknow district, U.P.
V K Singh: Mirpur Hindu village in Ghaziabad district. U.P.
Poonam Mahajan: Charoti village in Dahanu, Palghar district, Maharashtra


No fresh funding has been allocated for SAGY; it will be raised through voluntary contribution at the local level. Additional resources may be tapped from existing programmes like Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, MNREGA, Indira Awas Yojana, MPLADS fund, Centre and State Finance Commission Grants and CSR funds.

Current status of SAGY

While the present government has initiated the steps towards the roll out, certain sections of the opposition have questioned the use of MPLADS fund for this programme as they are already being utilised under various schemes announced by the previous administration. The present government is in the process of engaging with members of the opposition to get their approval and involvement in the SAGY.


Villages adopted by MP under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

Summary Report of Gram Panchayats for Saanjhi
S. No.StateMembers of Lok SabhaGram Panchayats identified by LS MembersGram Panchayats not identified by LS MembersMembers of Rajya SabhaGram Panchayats identified by RS MembersGram Panchayats not identified by RS Members
1Andaman And Nicobar Islands110000
2Andhra Pradesh2514111138
3Arunachal Pradesh202110
8Dadra And Nagar Haveli110000
9Daman And Diu110000
14Himachal Pradesh440312
15Jammu And Kashmir624413
20Madhya Pradesh292811156
31Tamil Nadu3933618144
34Uttar Pradesh807010311516
36West Bengal4224016016

Gram Panchayats identified by Lok Sabha Members
S. No. State Constituency Name Name of the MP DistrictBlock/Sub-DistrictGram Panchayats
1Andaman and Nicobar IslandsAndaman and Nicobar IslandsSh. Bishnu Pada RaySouth AndamansFerrargunjFerrargunj
1Andhra PradeshKurnoolSmt. Renuka ButtaKurnoolNandavaramNagaladinne
2Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnamDr. Hari Babu KambhampatiVisakhapatanamBheemunipatnamPedanagamayyapalem
3Andhra PradeshArakuSmt. Geetha KothapalliEast GodavariMaredumilliMaredumilli
4Andhra PradeshRajahmundryShri Murali Mohan MagantiWest GodavariGopalapuramNandigudem
5Andhra PradeshAmalapuramDr. Ravindra Babu PandulaEast GodavariAmbajipetaPulletikurru
6Andhra PradeshVizianagaramShri Ashok Gajapati Raju PusapatiVizianagaramVizianagaramDwarapudi
7Andhra PradeshNarsapuramShri Gokaraju Ganga RajuWest GodavariUndiMahadevapatnam
8Andhra PradeshSrikakulamShri KINJARAPU RAM MOHAN NAIDUSrikakulamSanthabommaliSanthabommali
9Andhra PradeshNarasaraopetShri Rayapati Sambasiva RaoGunturDurgiDharmavaram
10Andhra PradeshAnakapalliShri Muthamsetti Srinivasa Rao (Avnthi)VisakhapatanamChodavaramDuddupalem
11Andhra PradeshNandyalShri S.P.Y. ReddyKurnoolUyyalawadaAllur
12Andhra PradeshNelloreShri Mekapati Rajamohan ReddySpsr NelloreMarripaduKampasamudram
13Andhra PradeshOngoleShri Yerram Venkata SubbareddyPrakasamKomaroluDaddawada
14Andhra PradeshKakinadaShri Narasimham ThotaEast GodavariKirlampudiBurugupudi
1AssamBarpetaShri Sirajuddin AjmalBarpetaKalgachiaKalgachia
2AssamDhubriShri Badruddin AjmalDhubriMankacharKuchnimara Jordanga
3AssamKarimganjShri Radheshyam BiswasHailakandiHailakandiMatijuri - Paikan
4AssamGauhatiSmt. Bijoya ChakravartyKamrupPalasbariSatpakhali Tezpur
5AssamMangaldoiShri Ramen DekaNalbariGhograpar (PT)Balitara
6AssamSilcharKm. Sushmita DevCacharLakhipurLakhinagar
7AssamKaliaborShri Gaurav GogoiGolaghatSarupatharGondhkoroi
8AssamNawgongShri Rajen GohainNagaonRahaDakhin Jajial
9AssamKokrajharShri Naba Kumar Sarania (Hira)BaksaTamulpurNo-4 Tamulpur
10AssamTezpurShri Ram Prasad SarmahSonitpurNa-Duar2 No. Sootea
11AssamLakhimpurShri Sarbananda SonowalDhemajiJonaiKemi Jelem
12AssamDibrugarhShri Rameswar TeliTinsukiaTinsukiaLangkashi
1BiharKatiharShri Tariq AnwarKatiharAzamnagarNimaul
2BiharDarbhangaShri Kirti (JHA) AzadDarbhangaAlinagarNarma Navnagar
3BiharBuxarShri Ashwini Kumar ChoubeyKaimur (Bhabua)RamgarhBaraura
4BiharJhanjharpurShri Birendra Kumar ChoudharyMadhubaniJhanjharpurNabani
5BiharMungerSmt. Veena DeviPatnaGhoswariTartar
6BiharSheoharShri Rama DeviPurbi ChamparanGhorasahanGhorasahan South
7BiharValmiki NagarShri Satish Chandra DubeyPashchim ChamparanSidhawBelahawa Madanpur
8BiharPaschim ChamparanDr. Sanjay JaiswalPashchim ChamparanBairiaSiswa Saraiya
9BiharKhagariaChoudhary Mehboob Ali KaiserSaharsaSimri BakhtiarpurSitanabad North
10BiharBhagalpurShri Shailesh (Bulo Mandal) KumarBhagalpurIsmailpurIsmailpur Paschimi Bhitha
11BiharJahanabadDr. Arun KumarJehanabadMakhdumpurDharaut
12BiharNalandaShri Kaushalendra KumarNalandaSilaoNanand
13BiharPurniaShri Santosh KumarPurniaPurnia EastChandi
14BiharKarakatShri Upendra KushwahaRohtasNasriganjAmiawar
15BiharSitamarhiShri Ram Kumar Sharma KushwahaSitamarhiDumraBariyarpur
16BiharGayaShri Hari ManjhiGayaBodh GayaBakraur
17BiharKishanganjShri Asrarul Haque MohammadKishanganjDighalbankEkra
18BiharMuzaffarpurShri Ajay NishadMuzaffarpurKatraJajuara West
19BiharJamuiShri Chirag PaswanJamuiSonoDahiyari
20BiharSasaramShri Chhedi PaswanRohtasChenariMalhipur
21BiharSamastipurShri Ramchandra PaswanSamastipurPusaKubauli Ram
22BiharHajipurShri Ram Vilas PaswanVaishaliBhagwanpurAkbar Malahi
23BiharUjiarpurShri Nityanand RaiVaishaliPatepurBahuara
24BiharGopalganjShri Janak RamGopalganjBaikunthpurKhara Azam
25BiharSupaulSmt. Ranjeet RanjanSupaulMaraunaSaroza Bela
26BiharMadhepuraShri Rajesh Ranjan (Pappu Yadav)SaharsaBanma ItahriSahuriya
27BiharSaranShri Rajiv Pratap RudySaranRevelganjSitab Diyara
28BiharMaharajganjShri Janardan Singh SigriwalSaranManjhiBareja
29BiharBegusaraiDr. Bhola SinghBegusaraiBarauniSimaria-I
30BiharAurangabadShri Sushil Kumar SinghGayaTikari Kespa
31BiharVaishaliShri Rama Kishore SinghMuzaffarpurMinapurGhosaut
32BiharNawadaShri Giriraj SinghNawadaNarhatKhanwan
33BiharPatna SahibShri Shatrughan Prasad SinhaPatnaBakhtiarpurBidhipur Narauli
34BiharArariaShri TaslimuddinArariaForbesganjAurahi East
35BiharBankaShri Jay Prakash Narayan YadavBankaKatoriaKolhasar
36BiharMadhubaniShri Hukmdev Narayan YadavMadhubaniBenipattiBankata
37BiharPataliputraShri Ram Kripal YadavPatnaDhanaruaSonmai
38BiharSiwanShri Om Prakash YadavSiwanZiradeiZiradei
1ChhattisgarhRaipurShri Ramesh BaisRaipurRaipurGiroud
2ChhattisgarhKorbaDr. Banshilal MahtoKorbaKorbaTilkeja
3ChhattisgarhSurgujaShri Kamalbhan Singh MarabiSurgujaAmbikapurKarmha
4ChhattisgarhJanjgir-Champa Smt. Kamla Devi PatleJanjgir-ChampaBalodaJavalpur
5ChhattisgarhMahasamundShri Chandu Lal SahuDhamtariKurudCharra
6ChhattisgarhDurgShri Tamradhwaj SahuDurgDurgMachandur
7ChhattisgarhBilaspurShri Lakhan Lal SahuMungeliPathariyaHathanikala
8ChhattisgarhRaigarhShri Vishnu Deo SaiRaigarhLailungaBhakurra
9ChhattisgarhRajnandgaonShri Abhishek SinghRajnandgaonMohlaGotatola
10ChhattisgarhKankerShri Vikram UsendiKankerPakhanjurChote Kapshi
1Daman And DiuDadra and Nagar HaveliShri Natubhai Gomanbhai PatelDadra And Nagar HaveliDadra & Nagar HaveliDudhani
1Dadra And Nagar HaveliDaman and DiuShri Lalubhai Babubhai PatelDamanDamanPariyari
1GoaNorth GoaShri Shripad Yesso NaikNorth GoaPernemIbrampur
2GoaSouth GoaShri Advocate Narendra Keshav SawaikarSouth GoaCanaconaCola
1GujaratGandhinagarShri Lal Krishna AdvaniAhmadabadSanandBakrana
2GujaratDahodShri Jasvantsinh Sumanbhai BhabhorDohadJhalodMundha
3Gujarat Shri Ranjanben D BhattVadodaraSavliShihora
4GujaratBanaskanthaShri Haribhai Parthibhai ChaudharyBanas KanthaDantiwadaPanthawada
5GujaratKhedaShri Devusinh Jesingbhai ChauhanAhmadabadDaskroiVahelal
6GujaratPanchmahalShri Prabhatsinh Pratapsinh ChauhanPanch MahalsKalolSansoli
7GujaratKachchhShri Vinod L ChavdaKachchhRaparSuvai
8GujaratJunagadhShri Rajeshbhai Naranbhai ChudasamaJunagadhTalalaSasan
9GujaratSurendranagarShri Devajibhai Govindbhai FateparaSurendranagarDasadaFatepur
10GujaratSuratShri Darshana Vikram JardoshSuratOlpadSaras
11GujaratAmreliShri Naranbhai Bhikhabhai KachhadiyaAmreliLathiAkala
12GujaratRajkotShri Mohanbhai Kalyanjibhai KundariyaMorbiMorbi Bagathala
13GujaratJamnagarMs. Poonamben Hematbhai MaadamJamnagarJamnagarJambuda
14GujaratAnandShri Dilip PatelAnandTarapurRinza
15GujaratMahesanaSmt. Jayshreeben Kanubhai PatelMahesanaMahesanaPanchot
16GujaratValsadDr. K. C. PatelValsadPardiGoima
17GujaratNavsariShri Chandrakant Raghunath PatilNavsariChikhliChikhali
18GujaratPorbandarShri Vitthalbhai Hansrajbhai RadadiyaRajkotJamkandornaRaydi
19GujaratSabarkanthaShri Dipsinh Shankarsinh RathodSabar KanthaIdarJashvantgadh
20GujaratChhota UdaipurShri Ramsinh Patalyabhai RathwaPanch MahalsHalolDhinkva
21GujaratAhmedabad EastShri Paresh D RawalGandhinagarGandhinagarJakhora - Rajpur
22GujaratBhavnagarDr. Bharati Dhirubhai ShiyalBhavnagarBhavnagarFariyadka
23GujaratAhmedabad WestDr. Kirit Premjibhai SolankiAhmadabadDaskroiBarejdi
24GujaratPatanShri Liladharbhai Khodaji VaghelaPatanHarijRoda
25GujaratBharuchShri Mansukhbhai Dhanjibhai VasavaBharuchJhagadiaAvidha
26GujaratBardoliShri Parbhubhai Nagarbhai VasavaSuratBardoliHaripura
1HaryanaBhiwani-MahendragarhShri Dharambir BhaleramMahendragarhMahendragarhDongra Ahir
2HaryanaHisarShri Dushyant ChautalaJindNarwanaMakhand
3HaryanaRohtakShri Deepender Singh HoodaJhajjarMatenhailIslamgarh
4HaryanaGurgaonShri Rao Inderjit SinghRewariRewariBolni
5HaryanaAmbalaShri Rattan Lal KatariaYamunanagarChhachhrauliKhadri
6HaryanaSonipatShri Ramesh Chander KaushikSonipatGanaurDatauli
7HaryanaKarnalShri Ashwini KumarKarnalKarnalMohidinpur
8HaryanaFaridabadShri Krishan Pal PalFaridabadFaridabadTilpat
9HaryanaSirsaShri Charanjeet Singh RoriSirsaSirsaGudia Khera
10HaryanaKurukshetraShri Raj Kumar SainiKaithalKaithalSanghan
1Himachal PradeshShimlaProf. Virender KashyapSolanKrishangarhJagjit Nagar
2Himachal PradeshKangraShri Shanta KumarChambaBhattiyatParchore
3Himachal PradeshMandiShri Ram Swaroop SharmaKulluManaliManali
4Himachal PradeshHamirpurShri Anurag Singh ThakurUnaUnaDehlan Upper
1Jammu And KashmirLadakhShri Thupstan ChhewangLeh LadakhKhalsiHanu
2Jammu And KashmirUdhampurDr. Jitendra SinghSambaSambaSangwali
1JharkhandLohardagaShri Sudarshan BhagatGumlaBishunpurBishunpur
2JharkhandPalamuShri Vishnu Dayal RamPalamuPatanKishunpur
3JharkhandDumkaShri Shibu SorenDumkaMasaliaRanga
1KarnatakaBelgaumShri Suresh Chanabasappa AngadiBelgaumBelgaumMuthnal
2KarnatakaUttara KannadaShri Anant Kumra Dattatreya HegdeUttar KannadSiddapur Kangod
3KarnatakaHassanShri H.D. DevegowdaHassanHassan Channangihalli
4KarnatakaChamrajanagarShri Rangaswamy DhruvanarayanaMysoreHeggadadevankote D.B.Kuppe
5KarnatakaBagalkotShri Parvatagouda Chandanagouda GaddigoudarBagalkotBadamiCholachagud
6KarnatakaChikkodiShri Prakash Babanna HukkeriBelgaumChikodiShiradawad
7KarnatakaBijapurShri Ramesh Chandappa JigajinagiBijapurBijapurMakhanapur
8KarnatakaDharwadShri Pralhad Venkatesh JoshiDharwadDharwadHarobelawadi
9KarnatakaKoppalShri Sanganna Amarappa KaradiRaichurSindhnur R.H.Colony
10KarnatakaUdupi ChikmagalurKm. Shobha km KarandlajeChikmagalurMudigere Daradahalli
11KarnatakaDakshina KannadaShri Nalin Kumar KateelDakshin KannadSulya Balpa
12KarnatakaGulbargaShri Mallikarjun KhargeYadgirYadgir Konkal
13KarnatakaBidarShri Bhagwanth KhubaBidarBasavakalyan Gorta B
14KarnatakaBangalore SouthShri Ananth KumarBengaluru UrbanAnekalRagihalli
15KarnatakaChikkballapurDr. M. Veerappa MoilyBangalore RuralNelamangala Agalakuppe
16KarnatakaTumkurShri S.P. MuddahanumegowdaTumkurMadhugiri Chikkadaalavatta
17KarnatakaKolarShri K.H. MuniyappaKolarBangarapet Gatta Kamadena Hally
18KarnatakaRaichurShri Bhagavanthraya Venkatesh NaikRaichurRaichur Jagir Venkatapur
19KarnatakaDavanagereShri Gowdar Mallikarjunappa SiddeshwaraDavangereJagalur Mustur
20KarnatakaMysoreShri Prathap SimhaMysoreHunsur Karimuddanahalli
21KarnatakaBellaryShri B. SreeramuluBellaryHagaribommanahalliThambralli
22KarnatakaBangalore RuralShri Doddaalahalli Kempegowda SureshTumkurKunigal Madikehalli
23KarnatakaHaveriShri Shivkumar Chanabasappa UdasiGadagShirhatti Yalavatti
24KarnatakaShimogaShri B. S. YeddyurappaUdupiKundapura Keradi
1KeralaKozhikodeShri M. K. RaghavanKozhikodeThamarasseryUnnikulum
2KeralaMalappuramShri E. AhamedMalappuramErnadTrikkalangode
3KeralaPathanamthittaShri Anto AntonyPathanamthittaAdoorKadampanadu
4KeralaPonnaniShri E. T. Mohammed BasheerMalappuramTirurangadiNannambra
5KeralaAlathurShri Parayamparanbil Kuttappan BijuPalakkadChitturPallassana
6KeralaIdukkiShri (Adv.) Joice GeorgeIdukkiIdukkiIdukki - Kanjikuzhy
7KeralaChalakudyShri InnocentThrissurChalakkudyKodassery
8KeralaThrissurShri C. N. JayadevanThrissurThrissurThanniyam
9KeralaKasaragodShri P. KarunakaranKasaragodVellarikkunduKinanoor Karindalam
10KeralaMavelikkaraShri Suresh KodikunnilAlappuzhaKuttanadThakazhi
11KeralaKottayamShri Jose K. ManiKottayamKottayamNeendoor
12KeralaVadakaraShri Ramachandran MullappallyKozhikodeKoyilandi Payyoli
13KeralaKollamShri N.K. PremachandranKollamPunalurAlayamon
14KeralaPalakkadShri M. B. RajeshPalakkadMannarkadPudur
15KeralaAttingalDr. Anirudhan SampathThiruvananthapuramChirayinkeezhuAnjuthengu
16KeralaWayanadShri M. I. ShanavasWayanadVythiriKaniambetta
17KeralaKannurSmt. P.K.Sreemathi TeacherKannurTaliparamba Kuttiattor
18KeralaThiruvananthapuramShri Shashi TharoorThiruvananthapuramNeyyattinkaraKottukal
19KeralaErnakulamProf. Kuruppassery Varkey ThomasErnakulamParavurKottuvally
20KeralaAlappuzhaShri K. C. VenugopalAlappuzhaAmbalappuzhaAryad
1LakshadweepLakshadweepSh. Faizal P.P. MohammedLakshadweep DistrictKalpeniKalpeni
1Madhya PradeshChhindwaraShri Kamal NathChhindwaraMohkhedBisapurkala
2Madhya PradeshBalaghatShri Bodh Singh BhagatSeoniSeoniGopalganj
3Madhya PradeshRatlamShri Dileep Singh BhuriaRatlamRawtiRaoti
4Madhya PradeshKhandwaShri Nand Kumar Singh ChauhanEast NimarPandhanaArud
5Madhya PradeshBetulSmt. Jyoti DhurveBetulBhainsdehiChikali
6Madhya PradeshMandsourShri Sudheer GuptaMandsaurMalhargarhBalagura
7Madhya PradeshMandlaShri Faggan Singh KulasteMandlaNiwasKapa
8Madhya PradeshTikamgarhDr. Virendra KumarTikamgarhMohangarhGor
9Madhya PradeshIndoreMs. Sumitra Mahajan (Tai)IndoreSawerPotlod
10Madhya PradeshUjjainShri Chintamani MalviyaUjjainGhatiyaBichhadod Kalsa
11Madhya PradeshMorenaShri Anoop MishraMorenaMorenaPadhawali
12Madhya PradeshRewaShri Janardan MishraRewaSemariaHardua
13Madhya PradeshRajgarhShri Rodmal NagarRajgarhSarangpurSandawta
14Madhya PradeshShahdolShri Dalpat Singh ParasteShahdolSohagpurKelmaniya
15Madhya PradeshKhargoneShri Subhash PatelBarwaniRajpurKhajuri
16Madhya PradeshDamohShri Prahlad Singh PatelDamohDamohBandakpur
17Madhya PradeshBhindDr. Bhagirath PrasadBhindMehgaonSoni
18Madhya PradeshBhopalSh. Alok SanjarBhopalBerasiaKulhor
19Madhya PradeshGunaShri Jyotiraditya Madhavrao ScindiaAshoknagarMungaoliKasbarenj
20Madhya PradeshHoshangabadShri Uday Pratap SinghHoshangabadBabaiSangakheda Kalan
21Madhya PradeshJabalpurShri Rakesh SinghJabalpurShahpuraKohla
22Madhya PradeshKhajurahoShri Nagendra SinghPannaAmanganjMaheba
23Madhya PradeshSatnaShri Ganesh SinghSatnaKotarAber
24Madhya PradeshVidishaSmt. Sushma SwarajDewasKhategaonAajnas
25Madhya PradeshDharSmt. Savitri ThakurDharDharampuriBikhron
26Madhya PradeshGwaliorShri Narendra Singh TomarShivpuriKareraSirsod
27Madhya PradeshDewasShri Manhor UntwalAgar-MalwaBadodSudwas
28Madhya PradeshSagarShri Laxmi Narayan YadavSagarSagarBaroda Sagar (P)
1MaharashtraParbhaniShri Sanjay Haribhau JadhavParbhaniJinturKehal
2MaharashtraShirurShri Shivaji Adhalrao PatilPuneShirurKarandi
3MaharashtraAmravatiShri Anandrao Vithoba AdsulAmravatiAmravatiYavli Shahid
4MaharashtraChandrapurShri Hansraj Gangaram AhirChandrapurBhadravatiChandankheda
5MaharashtraSolapurShri Sharadkumar Maruti BansodeSolapurMoholYeoti
6MaharashtraMavalShri Shrirang Chandu BarneRaigadUranBandhapada
7MaharashtraDhuleShri Subhash Ramrao BhamreDhuleDhuleGondur
8MaharashtraSataraShri Udayanraje PratapsinghRaje BhonsleSataraSataraKondave
9MaharashtraNandedShri Ashok Shankarrao ChavanNandedMudkhedRohi Pimpalgaon
10MaharashtraDindoriDr. Harishchandra Deoram ChavanNashikDindoriAwankhed
11MaharashtraJalnaShri Raosaheb Patil DanveJalnaJafferabadAkola Deo
12MaharashtraAkolaShri Sanjay Shamrao DhotreAkolaAkotKeliwali
13MaharashtraNagpurShri Nitin Jairam GadkariNagpurUmredPachgaon
14MaharashtraLaturDr. Sunil Baliram GaikwadLaturNilangaAnsarwada
15MaharashtraOsmanabadProf. Ravindra Vishwanath GaikwadOsmanabadUmargaKasgi
16MaharashtraAhmednagarShri Dilip Kumar Mansukhlal GandhiAhmednagarShevgaonKambi
17MaharashtraNandurbarDr. Heena Vijaykumar GavitNandurbarShahadeKahatul
18MaharashtraYavatmal-WashimMs. Bhavana Gawali (Patil)WashimMangrulpirSaykheda
19MaharashtraRaigadShri Anant Gangaram GeeteRaigadShrivardhanDiveagar
20MaharashtraNashikShri Hemant Tukaram GodseNashikTrimbakeshwarAnjaneri
21MaharashtraBuldhanaShri Prataprao Ganpatrao JadhavBuldhanaSangrampurKarmoda
22MaharashtraRaverSmt. Raksha Nikhil KhadseJalgaonChopdaHated Bk.
23MaharashtraAurangabadShri Chandrakant Bhaurao KhaireAurangabadKannadAdgaon (P)
24MaharashtraMumbai-North-WestShri Gajanan Chandrakant KirtikarRatnagiriDapoliAsud
25MaharashtraShirdiShri Sadashiv Kisan LokhandeAhmednagarShrirampurMalunja Budruk
26MaharashtraKolhapurShri Dhananjay Bhimrao MahadikKolhapurChandgadRajgoli Khurd
27MaharashtraMumbai-North-CentralSmt. Poonam MahajanPalgharDahanuCharoti
28Maharashtra Smt. Pritam Gopinathrao MundeBeedParliPohner
29MaharashtraGadchiroli-ChimurShri Ashok Mahadeorao NeteGadchiroliGadchiroliYeoli
30MaharashtraJalgaonShri A.T. (Nana) PatilJalgaonChalisgaonBhoras Bk
31MaharashtraSangliShri Sanjay(Kaka) Ramchandra PatilSangliTasgaonAarawade
32MaharashtraMadhaShri Vijaysinh Mohite PatilSolapurMalshirasSangramnagar
33MaharashtraBhiwandiShri Kapil Moreshwar PatilThaneBhiwandiSonale
34MaharashtraBhandara-GondiyaShri Nanabhau Falgunrao PatoleBhandaraTumsarBagheda
35MaharashtraRatnagiri-SindhudurgShri Vinayak Bhaurao RautSindhudurgKudalShivapur
36MaharashtraMumbai-SouthSh. Arvind Ganpat SawantSindhudurgKankavliHarkulkhurd
37MaharashtraHatkanangleShri Raju alias Devappa Anna ShettiKolhapurShahuwadiPerid
38MaharashtraMumbai-NorthShri Gopal Chinayya ShettyPalgharVadaGorhe
39MaharashtraMumbai-South-CentralShri Rahul Ramesh ShewalePalgharDahanuGungwada
40MaharashtraKalyanDr. Shrikant Eknath ShindeThaneKalyanNagaon
41MaharashtraPuneShri Anil ShirolePuneHaveliVadgaon-Shinde
42MaharashtraMumbai-North-EastShri Kirit Jayantilal SomaiyaRaigadAlibagChinchoti
43MaharashtraBaramatiSmt. Supriya Sadanand SulePuneDaundDapodi
44MaharashtraWardhaShri Ramdas Chandrabhanji TadasWardhaWardhaTaroda
45MaharashtraRamtekShri Krupal Balaji TumaneNagpurKatolRidhora
46MaharashtraThaneShri Rajan Baburao VichareThaneKalyanPimpari
47MaharashtraPalgharShri Chintaman Navsha WanagaPalgharJawharDhanoshi
1ManipurOuter ManipurShri Thangso BaiteChurachandpurChurachandpurKangvai
2ManipurInner ManipurShri Thokchom MeinyaImphal WestPatsoi Ngairangbam
1MeghalayaShillongShri Vincent H PalaJaintia HillsLaskeinShangpung Mission
2MeghalayaTuraShri Purno Agitok SangmaNorth Garo HillsResubelparaAchugre
1OdishaKoraputShri Jhina HikakaKoraputSimiliguda Pitaguda
2OdishaBalasoreShri Rabindra Kumar JenaBaleshwarRaibania Kalika
3OdishaKeonjharMs. Sakuntala LaguriKendujharSainkulMachhalo
4OdishaCuttackShri Bhartruhari MahtabNayagarhFategarhKarabara
5OdishaNabarangpurShri Balabhadra MajhiKoraputBoipariguda Tentuliguma
6OdishaBerhampurDr. Sidhant MohapatraGanjamJaradaKesaripada
7OdishaSundargarhSh. Jual OramSundargarhGurundiaGurundia
8OdishaKendraparaShri Baijayant "Jay" PandaKendraparaDerabish Golarahat
9OdishaBhubaneswarDr. Prasanna Kumar PatasaniKhordhaTangiPariorada
10OdishaJagatsinghpurDr. Kulamani SamalJagatsinghapurKujang Bagoi
11OdishaBhadrakShri Arjun Charan SethiBhadrakAgarpada Purusandha
12OdishaBargarhDr. Prabhas Kumar SinghBargarhBhatliSukuda
13OdishaBolangirShri Kalikesh Narayan Singh DeoBalangirSaintalaBudabahal
14OdishaJajpurDr. Rita TaraiJajapurJajpur Sadar Bhubaneswarpur
1PuducherryPuducherryShri R. RadhakrishnanPondicherryBahour TalukKarayamputhur
1PunjabBathindaSmt. Harsimrat Kaur BadalMuktsarMaloutMaan
2PunjabKhadoor SahibSardar Ranjit Singh BrahmpuraTarn TaranKhadur SahibMundapind
3PunjabAnandpur SahibProf. Prem Singh ChandumajraS.A.S NagarSas Nagar (Mohali)Daon
4PunjabJalandharShri Santokh Singh ChaudharyJalandharPhillaurGannapind
5PunjabFatehgarh SahibShri Harinder Singh KhalsaFatehgarh SahibBassi PathanaChunni Kalan
6PunjabGurdaspurShri Vinod KhannaGurdaspurGurdaspur Talibpur Pandori
7PunjabSangrurShri Bhagwant MannSangrurDhuriBenra
8PunjabHoshiarpurShri Vijay SamplaHoshiarpurMukerian Budhabar
9PunjabAmritsarCaptain Amarinder SinghAmritsarAmritsar- Ii Dhaul Kalan
10PunjabLudhianaShri Ravneet SinghLudhianaLudhiana (West)Isewal
11PunjabFaridkotProf. Sadhu SinghMogaDharamkotFatehgarh Korotana
1RajasthanJhunjhunuSmt. Santosh km AhlawatJhunjhunuBuhanaGada Khera
2RajasthanBhilwaraShri Subhash Chandra BaheriaBhilwaraJahazpurBankra
3RajasthanKotaShri Om BirlaKotaSangodDoti
4RajasthanJaipurShri Ramcharan BoharaJaipurJaipurVijaypura
5RajasthanNagaurSh. C.R. ChaudharyNagaurKoochaamanChawandiya
6RajasthanPaliShri P.P. ChaudharyPaliPaliBusi
7RajasthanGanganagarShri Nihal Chand ChauhanGanganagarGanganagarMirjewala
8RajasthanBarmerCol. (Retd) Sona Ram ChoudharyBarmerBaytooBaitu Bhopji
9RajasthanAjmerProf. Sanwar Lal JatAjmerPeesanganKalesara
10RajasthanTonk-Sawai MadhopurShri Sukhbir Singh JaunpuriaTonkMalpuraKantoli
11RajasthanChittorgarhShri Chandra Prakash JoshiChittorgarhChittaurgarhNagari
12RajasthanChuruShri Rahul KaswanChuruTaranagarBhanin
13RajasthanBharatpurShri Bahadur Singh KoliBharatpurWeirPathena
14RajasthanDausaShri Harish Chandra MeenaJaipurChaksuBara Padampura
15RajasthanUdaipurShri Arjunlal MeenaUdaipurSalumbarToda
16RajasthanBikanerShri Arjun Ram MeghwalBikanerKolayatBikampur
17RajasthanAlwarMahant Chand NathAlwarBehrorRodwal
18RajasthanBanswaraShri Manshankar NinamaBanswaraGhatolSavaniya
19RajasthanJaloreShri Devji Mansingram PatelJaloreSanchoreHotigaon
20RajasthanKarauli-DholpurShri Manoj RajoriaDholpurRajakheraGanhaidi
21RajasthanJaipur RuralCol. Rajyavardhan Singh RathoreJaipurJaipurDhankya
22RajasthanRajsamandShri Hariom Singh RathoreRajsamandRajsamandTasol
23RajasthanSikarShri Sumedhanand SaraswatiSikarNeem-Ka-ThanaChala
24RajasthanJodhpurShri Gajendra Singh ShekhawatJaisalmerPokaranRamdeora
25RajasthanJhalawar-BaranShri Dushyant SinghJhalawarAkleraBhalta
1SikkimSikkimShri Prem Das RaiSouth DistrictNamchiKitam Manpur
1Tamil NaduCuddaloreShri A. ArunmozhithevanCuddaloreMangalurPothiramangalam
2Tamil NaduKrishnagiriShri K. Ashok KumarKrishnagiriThallyJawalagiri
3Tamil NaduMayiladuthuraiShri R.K. Bharathi MohanThanjavurThiruvidaimarudurThirumangalakudi
4Tamil NaduChidambaramShri M. ChandrakasiAriyalurThirumanurKeelapalur
5Tamil NaduNilgirisShri Gopalakrishnan ChinnarajThe NilgirisKotagiriKodanad
6Tamil NaduNagapattinamDr. K. GopalNagapattinamNagapattinamAkkaraipettai
7Tamil NaduMaduraiShri R. GopalakrishnanMaduraiMadurai WestChettikulam
8Tamil NaduArakkonamShri G. HariVelloreKaveripakkamThandalam
9Tamil NaduChennai SouthDr. Jayakumar JayavardhanKanchipuramThomas MalaiOttiambakkam
10Tamil NaduThanjavurShri Parasuraman K.ThanjavurPeravuraniOttangadu
11Tamil NaduKallakurichiDr. K. KamaraajVillupuramKallakurichiKa. Alambalam
12Tamil NaduTiruchirappalliShri P. Kumar KumarTiruchirappalliManikandamThayanur
13Tamil NaduTenkasiSmt. Vasanthi M.TirunelveliVasudevanallurViswanathaperi
14Tamil NaduKancheepuramSmt. K. Maragatham KumaravelKanchipuramAcharapakkamOrathi
15Tamil NaduPerambalurShri R.P. MarutharajaaPerambalurPerambalurSiruvachur
16Tamil NaduThoothukkudiShri J. Jayasingh Thiyagaraj NatterjeeThoothukkudiPudurNagalapuram
17Tamil NaduTheniShri R. ParthipanTheniBodinaickanurRasingapuram
18Tamil NaduTirunelveliShri K.R.P. PrabakaranTirunelveliKeelapavoorPethanadarpatty
19Tamil NaduKanniyakumariShri Pon RadhakrishnanKanniyakumariThuckalayMuthalakurichi
20Tamil NaduVirudhunagarShri T. RadhakrishnanVirudhunagarSivakasiSaminatham
21Tamil NaduViluppuramShri S. RajendranVillupuramVanurThiruvakkarai
22Tamil NaduSriperumbudurShri Krishnan Narayanasamy RamachandranKanchipuramSriperumbudurVallakottai
23Tamil NaduDharmapuriShri Anbumani RamadossDharmapuriMorappurMottankurichi
24Tamil NaduChennai CentralShri Vijay Kumar S.R.KanchipuramLathurKodur
25Tamil NaduSalemShri V. Panneer SelvamSalemNangavalliSanarapatti
26Tamil NaduVelloreShri B. SenguttuvanVelloreMadhanurAgaramcheri
27Tamil NaduSivagangaCaptain PR. SenthilnathanSivagangaiDevakottaiThirumanavayal
28Tamil NaduNamakkalShri P.R. SundaramNamakkalKollihillsThinnanur Nadu
29Tamil NaduKarurDr. Munisamy ThambiduraiKarurKadavurPalaviduthi
30Tamil NaduDindigulShri M. UdhayakumarDindigulShanarpattiRagalapuram
31Tamil NaduTiruvannamalaiShri R. VanarojaTiruvannamalaiChengamMelravanthavadi
32Tamil NaduAraniShri Elumalai VellaigounderTiruvannamalaiCheyyarPalli
33Tamil NaduTiruvallurDr. Ponnusamy VenugopalTiruvallurTiruvalangaduArungulam
1TelanganaSecunderabadShri Bandaru DattatreyaWarangalParvathagiriAnnaram
2TelanganaBhongirDr. Boora Narsaiah GoudNalgondaValigondaRedla Repaka
3TelanganaNalgondaShri Sukender Reddy GuthaNalgondaDevarakondaChinthakunta
4TelanganaWarangalShri Srihari KadiyamWarangalWardhannapetInole
5TelanganaNizamabadSmt. Kavitha KalvakuntlaNizamabadRanjalKandakurthi
6TelanganaMahabubabadProf. Seetaram Ajmeera NaikWarangalNellikudurNarayanapuram
7TelanganaZahirabadShri Bheemrao Baswanthrao PatilNizamabadJukkalKowlas
8TelanganaKhammamShri Ponguleti Srinivasa ReddyKhammamSathupalleGangaram
9TelanganaMahabubnagarShri A.P. Jithender ReddyMahbubnagarDamaragiddaMogala Madaka
10TelanganaMalkajgiriShri Ch. Malla ReddyRangareddiQutubullapurDundigal
1Uttar PradeshFatehpur SikriChoudhary BabulalAgraKheragarhPusenta
2Uttar PradeshGorakhpurShri Yogi AdityanathGorakhpurGorakhpurJangle Aurahi
3Uttar PradeshMeerutShri Rajendra AgrawalMeerutMeerutBhagwanpur Chittawan
4Uttar PradeshMuzaffarnagarDr. Sanjeev Kumar BalyanMuzaffarnagarBudhanaRasoolpur Jatan
5Uttar PradeshHamirpurKunwar Pushpendra Singh ChandelMahobaMahoba Pipra Maaf
6Uttar PradeshMachhlishahrShri Ram CharitraJaunpurJaunpur Aara
7Uttar PradeshRobertsganjShri ChhotelalSonbhadraDudhiNagawa
8Uttar PradeshMaharajganjShri Pankaj ChowdharyMaharajganjMaharajganjBarhara Meer
9Uttar PradeshHathrasSh. Rajesh Kumar Kumar DiwakarHathrasHathrasAhbaranpur
10Uttar PradeshEtawahShri Ashok Kumar DohreyEtawahBharthanaMahewa
11Uttar PradeshPilibhitShri Maneka Sanjay GandhiPilibhitPuranpurGularia Bhoopsingh
12Uttar PradeshRae BareliSmt. Sonia GandhiRae BareliUnchaharUrwa1
13Uttar PradeshAmethiShri Rahul GandhiRae BareliSalonJagdishpur2
14Uttar PradeshSultanpurShri Feroze Varun GandhiSultanpurSultanpurVallipur
15Uttar PradeshBareillyShri Santosh Kumar GangwarBareillyMeerganj Rahpura Jagir
16Uttar PradeshAligarhShri Satish Kumar GautamAligarhAtrauliBaharabad
17Uttar PradeshAllahabadShri Shyama Charan GuptaAllahabadKoraonBaidvar Kalan
18Uttar PradeshMathuraShri HemamaliniMathuraMahavanRawal Bangar
19Uttar PradeshFatehpurSadhvi Niranjan JyotiFatehpurBindkiParsetha
20Uttar PradeshMohanlalganjShri Kaushal KishoreLucknowMalihabadAuntgarhi Saura
21Uttar PradeshAonlaShri Dharmendra KumarBareillyBareilly Rondhi Mustqil
22Uttar PradeshMoradabadShri Kunwar Sarvesh KumarMoradabadThakurdwaraSahas Puri
23Uttar PradeshSalempurShri Ravindra KushawahaBalliaReotiKushhar
24Uttar PradeshSaharanpurShri Raghav LakhanpalSaharanpurBehatKhushalipur
25Uttar PradeshPhulpurShri Keshav Prasad MauryaAllahabadSoraonJaitwardih
26Uttar PradeshBandaShri Bhairon Prasad MishraBandaNarainiKatara Kalinjar
27Uttar PradeshDeoriaShri Kalraj MishraDeoriaSalempurPyasi
28Uttar PradeshShrawastiShri Daddan MishraShravastiIkaunaJaychandpur Katghara
29Uttar PradeshKheriShri Ajay (Teni) MisraKheriNighasanRay Pur
30Uttar PradeshVaranasiShri Narendra ModiVaranasiArajilineJayapur
31Uttar PradeshDomariyaganjShri Jagdambika PalSiddharth NagarDomariyaganjBharat Bhari
32Uttar PradeshAmbedkar NagarShri Hari Om PandeyAmbedkar NagarJalalpur Usaraha
33Uttar PradeshKushi NagarShri Rajesh PandeyKushi NagarKasyaGopal Garh
34Uttar PradeshChandauliDr. Mahendra Nath PandeyVaranasiChiraigaonSiwo
35Uttar PradeshMirzapurSmt. Anupriya Singh PatelMirzapurLalganjDadri
36Uttar PradeshBahraichSushree Sadhvi Savitri Bai PhooleBahraichNanpara Matehi Kalan
37Uttar PradeshShahjahanpurSmt. Krishna RajShahjahanpurTilharNawada Darobast
38Uttar PradeshGhosiShri Hari Narayan RajbharMauMaunath BhanjanDumaranw
39Uttar PradeshFarrukhabadShri Mukesh RajputEtahAliganj Amroli Ratn Pur
40Uttar PradeshAgraShri Prof. Ram ShankarEtahAwagarhPilkhatra
41Uttar PradeshBarabankiSmt. Priyanka Singh RawatBarabankiHaidergarhBudhnai
42Uttar PradeshGautam Buddha NagarDr. Mahesh SharmaGautam Buddha NagarJewarNeemka
43Uttar PradeshBaghpatDr. Satya Pal SinghBaghpatBinauliPaladi
44Uttar PradeshBalliaShri Bharat SinghBalliaBalliaOjhawalia
45Uttar PradeshBulandshahrShri Bhola SinghBulandshahrDebaiBhopatpur
46Uttar PradeshFaizabadShri Lallu SinghFaizabadFaizabadTandouli
47Uttar PradeshGhaziabadGen. (Retd.) Vijay Kumar SinghGhaziabadGhaziabadMirpur Hindu
48Uttar PradeshJaunpurShri Krishn Pratap SinghJaunpurShahganjBurhupur
49Uttar PradeshAkbarpurShri Devendra (Alias) Bhole Singh SinghKanpur NagarGhatampur Tikwapur
50Uttar PradeshEtahShri Rajveer (Raju Bhaiya) SinghKasganjPatiyaliAurangabad
51Uttar PradeshLucknowShri Rajnath SinghLucknowLucknowBenti
52Uttar PradeshBijnorShri Bharatendra SinghMuzaffarnagarJansathSukartal Khadar
53Uttar PradeshPratapgarhShri Kunwar Haribansh SinghPratapgarhLalganj Shahbari
54Uttar PradeshRampurShri Nepal SinghRampurSuarHardaspur Kotra
55Uttar PradeshKairanaShri Hukum SinghSaharanpurNakurSukheri
56Uttar PradeshSambhalShri Satya Pal SinghSambhalChandausiLahraban
57Uttar PradeshGhazipurShri Manoj Kumar SinhaGhazipurJakhaniaDullahpur
58Uttar PradeshKaushambi Shri Vinod Kumar SonkarKaushambiSirathuSamsabad
59Uttar PradeshLalganjSmt. Neelam SonkerAzamgarhBurhanpurLohra
60Uttar PradeshJhansiSadhvi Uma Bharati SushreeLalitpurTalbehatPawa
61Uttar PradeshAmrohaShri Kanwar Singh TanwarAmrohaDhanauraChakanwala Mustkam
62Uttar PradeshSant Kabir NagarShri Sharad TripathiSant Kabeer NagarMehdawalSai Khurd
63Uttar PradeshHardoiShri Anshul VermaHardoiSawayajpurMunder
64Uttar PradeshJalaunShri Bhanu Pratap Singh VermaJalaunOraiHardoi Gujar
65Uttar PradeshDhaurahraSmt. Rekha Arun VermaKheriMohammdiDhakhaura
66Uttar PradeshSitapurShri Rajesh VermaSitapurMahmudabadMira Nagar
67Uttar PradeshAzamgarhShri Mulayam Singh YadavAzamgarhAzamgarh Tamauli
68Uttar PradeshBadaunShri Dharmendra YadavBudaunSahaswanDurgpur Jarifnagar
69Uttar PradeshKannaujSmt. Dimple YadavKannaujKannaujSaidpur Sakri
70Uttar PradeshMainpuriShri Tejpratap Singh YadavMainpuriBhogaon Sagamai Jagir
1UttarakhandNainital-Udhamsingh NagarShri Bhagat Singh KoshyariUdam Singh NagarKhatima Sarpuda
1West BengalDarjeelingShri S.S. AhluwaliaDarjeelingNaxalbariHatighisa
2West BengalUluberiaShri Sultan AhmedHowrahUluberia - IIBaniban

Gram Panchayats identified by Rajya Sabha Members
S. No. State Name of the Rajya Sabha MembersDistrictBlock/Sub-DistrictGram Panchayats
1Andhra PradeshDr. K. ChiranjeeviWest GodavariMogalthurPerupalem South
2Andhra PradeshSmt. Nirmala SitharamanWest GodavariNarasapuramPedamainavanilanka
3Andhra PradeshSmt. Thota Seetharama LakshmiWest GodavariAkividuPedakapavaram
1Arunachal PradeshShri Mukut MithiLower Dibang ValleyRoing-KoronuMayu-Ii
1AssamShri Biswajit DaimaryBaksaGoreswar (PT)Naokata
2AssamShri Bhubaneswar KalitaKamrupRangia (PT)Arimatta
3AssamSmt. Naznin FaruqueNagaonSamaguriNiz Chalchali
4AssamShri Santiuse KujurUdalguriUdalguriPurandia
1BiharShri Bashistha Narain SinghBuxarBarhampurBairia
2BiharShri Sharad YadavMadhepuraMadhepuraBalam Gadhiya
3BiharDr. Anil Kumar SahaniMuzaffarpurDholi (Moraul)Pilkhi Gay Patti
4BiharDr. C.P. ThakurPatnaPhulwariGonpura
5BiharShri Ali Anwar AnsariPatnaPhulwariNohsa
6BiharShri Ravi Shankar PrasadPatnaFatwahAlawal Pur
7BiharShri R. K. SinhaPatnaPatna Rural West Manpura
8BiharShri Ram Nath ThakurSamastipurSamastipurBazidpur
9BiharShri Dharmendra PradhanPatnaDinapur-Cum-KhagaulLakhani Bigha
1ChhattisgarhDr. Bhushan Lal JangdeBaloda BazarBilaigarhPurgaon
2ChhattisgarhShri Motilal VoraDurgDurgMohlai
3ChhattisgarhShri Ranvijay Singh JudevJashpurKansabelBataikela
1GoaShri Shantaram NaikSouth GoaSalceteRachol
1GujaratSmt. Smriti Zubin IraniAnandSojitraMagharol
2GujaratShri Lal Sinh VadodiaAnandUmrethBechari
3GujaratDr. Mansukh L. MandaviyaBhavnagarGadhadaUgamedi
4GujaratShri Chunibhai Kanjibhai GohelJunagadhPatan-VeravalGovindpara
5GujaratShri Ahmed PatelNarmadaDediapadaDumkhal
6GujaratShri Pravin Somabhai RashtrapalPorbandarPorbandarSodhana
7GujaratShri Shankarbhai N. VegadSurendranagarWadhwanKholadiad
8GujaratShri Shambhuprasadji TundiyaSurendranagarChotilaJanivadla
9GujaratShri Dilipbhai Pandya Rajyasabha GujaratBanas KanthaVadgamPasvadal
10GujaratShri Madhusudan Devram MIstrySabar KanthaIdarGolvada
1HaryanaKumari SeljaAmbalaBararaDheen
2HaryanaShri Ram Kumar KashyapKarnalIndriBhadson
3HaryanaShri Shadi Lal BatraRohtakRohtakAnwal
1Himachal PradeshSmt. Bimla Kashyap SoodShimlaShimla ( Rural )Thadi
1Jammu And KashmirShri G. N. RatanpuriPulwamaPulwamaNewa
1JharkhandShri Prem Chand GuptaKodermaMarkachoChopnadih
1KarnatakaShri Rajeev ChandrasekharBangalore RuralDevanahalli Jalige
2KarnatakaDr. Prabhakar KoreBelgaumChikodiJanwad
3KarnatakaShri Aayanur ManjunathaShimogaShimoga Thammadihalli
4KarnatakaSmt. B. JayashreeTumkurTumkur Hebbur
5KarnatakaShri Oscar FernandesUdupiKundapura Shiruru
6KarnatakaShri Basawaraj PatilGulbargaSedam Kukkunda
1KeralaShri A.K. AntonyAlappuzhaCherthalaThaicattussery
2KeralaShri Vayalar RaviAlappuzhaCherthalaKadakkarappally
3KeralaShri P. RajeeveErnakulamKanayannurUdayamperur
4KeralaShri K.N. BalagopalKollamKollamPanayam
5KeralaShri Joy AbrahamKottayamMeenachilMelukavu
6KeralaShri C.P. NarayananKozhikodeKoyilandi Kottur
7KeralaDr. T.N. SeemaThiruvananthapuramKattakkadaKallikkadu
8KeralaProf. P.J. Kurien Prof P.J.KurienPathanamthittaRanniNaranamoozh
1Madhya PradeshSmt. Najma A. HeptullaBhopalHuzurPhandakalan
2Madhya PradeshShri Thaawar Chand GehlotRatlamAlotBarkhedakala
3Madhya PradeshShri Anil Madhav DaveSehoreBudniJahanpur
4Madhya PradeshDr. Satyanarayan JatiyaUjjainTaranaNanded
5Madhya PradeshShri Meghraj JainAgar-MalwaSusnerChhapariya
1MaharashtraShri Rajkumar DhootAurangabadKhuldabadVerul
2MaharashtraSmt. Rajani PatilBeedKaijLahuri
3MaharashtraShri Praful PatelGondiaGoregaonPathari
4MaharashtraShri Ishwarlal Shankarlal JainJalgaonJamnerDeulgaon
5MaharashtraShri Ajay SanchetiNagpurHingnaWagdara
6MaharashtraShri Avinash PandeNagpurNagpur (Rural)Bajargaon
7MaharashtraShri Ramdas AthawalePalgharPalgharUmroli
8MaharashtraShri Rajeev ShuklaPalgharVadaHamrapur
9MaharashtraShri Majeed MemonPuneJunnarTikekarwadi
10MaharashtraSmt. Vandana ChavanPuneMawalSalumbre
11MaharashtraShri D.P. TripathiPuneBaramatiMurti
12MaharashtraShri Ashok S. GangulyPunePurandharGulunche
13MaharashtraShri Sanjay Dattatraya KakadePuneShirurJambut
14MaharashtraShri Vijay Jawaharlal DardaYavatmalYavatmalBhari
15MaharashtraMs. Anu AgaSataraSataraShivthar
16MaharashtraShri Husain Umar DalwaiRatnagiriChiplunRampur
17MaharashtraShri Anil Yeshwant DesaiThaneAmbarnathKharad
18MaharashtraShri Bhalchandra MungekarSindhudurgDevgadMithbav
19MaharashtraShri Sharad Govindrao PawarSataraKhatavEnkul
1ManipurHaji Abdul SalamThoubalKakchingHayel Hangoon
1OdishaShri A.U. Singh DeoBalangirTushuraSarasmal
2OdishaShri Anubhav MohantyCuttackCuttack Sadar Urali
3OdishaShri Pyarimohan MohapatraKhordhaUttara P.S Dhauli
4OdishaShri A.V. SwamyNuapadaNuapadaKuliabandha
5OdishaShri Ranjib BiswalJagatsinghapurJagatsinghapurPalasol
6OdishaShri Kalpataru DasJajapurDharmasala Sundaria
7OdishaShri Baishnab ParidaJajapurMangalpur Mangalapur
1PuducherryShri P. KannanPondicherryVillianur TalukSellipet
1PunjabShri Ashwani KumarGurdaspurGurdaspur Bathwala Hardo
2PunjabShri Avinash Rai KhannaHoshiarpurHoshiarpur Adamwal
3PunjabShri Naresh GujralJalandharJalandhar - IDhina
4PunjabSh. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa Sukhdev Singh DhindsaSangrurMoonakGalahri
5PunjabDr. Manohar Singh GillTarn TaranTarn TaranAlladinpur
6PunjabSmt. Ambika SoniRupnagarRup NagarGhanauli
1RajasthanShri Bhupender YadavAjmerKishangarhSalemabad
2RajasthanShri V.P. Singh BadnoreBhilwaraAsindDaulatgarh
3RajasthanShri Narendra BudaniaChuruTaranagarLoonas
4RajasthanShri Vijay GoelAlwarBehrorTaseeng
5RajasthanSh. Ram JethmalaniJaipurKotputliBanethi
6RajasthanShri Narayan Lal PanchariyaJodhpurPhalodiKalyansingh Ki Sid
1SikkimShri Hishey LachungpaNorth DistrictManganTingvong
1Tamil NaduSmt. Sasikala PushpaDharmapuriPappireddipattiPudhupatti
2Tamil NaduShri K. R. ArjunanDharmapuriPennagaramArakasanahalli
3Tamil NaduShri Paul Manoj PandianKanniyakumariThovalaiThovalai
4Tamil NaduDr. K.P. RamalingamNamakkalMallasamudramKarumanur
5Tamil NaduCaptain E.M. Sudarsana NatchiappanSivagangaiKalaiyarkovilMaravanamgalam
6Tamil NaduShri S. ThangaveluTirunelveliSankarankoilVadakkupudur
7Tamil NaduShri Navaneethakrishnan ADharmapuriHarurChinnakuppam
8Tamil NaduShri Selvaraj A.KDharmapuriMorappurBasuvapuram
9Tamil NaduShri Rabi Bernard A.W.DharmapuriPalacodeGendanahalli
10Tamil NaduSmt. Kanimozhi KarunanidhiThoothukkudiAlwarthirunagariSrivenkatesapuram
11Tamil NaduShri Lakshmanan RamamoorthyDharmapuriDharmapuriHaledharmapuri
12Tamil NaduSmt. Vijila SathyananthDharmapuriDharmapuriKonanginaikanahalli
13Tamil NaduShri Rathinavel ThangavelDharmapuriKarimangalamAnnamalaihalli
14Tamil NaduDr. Maitreyan VDharmapuriNallampalliPalavadi
1TelanganaShri Palvai Govardhan ReddyNalgondaMarrigudaMarriguda
2TelanganaShri Garikapati Mohan RaoWarangalGovindaraopetGovindaraopeta
3TelanganaShri Ananda Bhaskar RapoluWarangalKodakandlaEdunuthula
4TelanganaSmt. Gundu SudharaniWarangalAtmakurNeerukulla
1Uttar PradeshShri Vishambhar Prasad NishadBandaBandaSandi
2Uttar PradeshShri Vinay KatiyarFaizabadRudauliBarawa
3Uttar PradeshShri Ambeth RajanGautam Buddha NagarDadriRanoli Latifpur
4Uttar PradeshShri Narendra Kumar KashyapHapurHapurArifpur
5Uttar PradeshShri Brijlal KhabriJalaunKonchKailia
6Uttar PradeshKm. MayawatiLucknowMalihabadMall
7Uttar PradeshShri Darshan Singh YadavMainpuriMainpuriRathera
8Uttar PradeshSh. Munquad ALIMeerutMawanaBehrora
9Uttar PradeshShri Rajpal Singh SainiMuzaffarnagarKhatauliBarsu
10Uttar PradeshShri Pramod TiwariPratapgarhLalganj Padmakerpur
11Uttar PradeshShri Mukhtar Abbas NaqviRampurBilaspurManpur Ojha
12Uttar PradeshDr. Akhilesh Das GuptaSiddharth NagarItwaBuddikhas
13Uttar PradeshShri KIRANMAY NAND -SitapurMisrikhKachuri
14Uttar PradeshShri Salim AnsariMauMaunath BhanjanChakra
15Uttar PradeshShri Satish SharmaRae BareliLalganj Sareni



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