UDAN Scheme Airports and Regional Routes

Map of UDAN Scheme 2 Airports and Regional Routes

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Map of UDAN Scheme 2 Airports and Regional Routes
*Map shows all the new airports connectivity and flight routes of UDAN scheme 2 Disclaimer

Ministry of Civil Aviation, GOI, has come up with a regional connectivity scheme "Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik (UDAN)". This scheme aims to make air travel accessible and affordable to the middle class. The UDAN scheme is the key factor in the National Civil Aviation Policy 2016 of the central government.

Objective of UDAN Scheme

The objective of UDAN scheme is to increase regional connectivity through market forces.

UDAN 1 Scheme

The scheme proposed to connect 70 airports in the country.


The UDAN 2 is proposed to connect 109 airports/helipads across the country. 78 airports and 31 heliports or helipads are covered under this scheme and 325 more routes will be connected. The hilly state of Uttarakhand has got Helicopter connectivity for New Tehri and Almora. Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur have also been linked with Helipad connectivity.

Map of UDAN Scheme Airports and Regional Routes

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Map of UDAN Scheme Airports and Regional Routes
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*Map shows all the new airports connectivity and flight routes of UDAN scheme. Disclaimer

What is UDAN scheme?

UDAN scheme is an initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. UDAN stands for Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik, which means now even the common people can fly across the Indian territories without spending much. This scheme also aims at making the regional connectivity easier. Air India's subsidiary Airline Allied Services, SpiceJet, Air Deccan, Air Odisha and Turbo Megha are the operators.

Purpose of the scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to enable people of the country to travel in lesser time without paying much. Also, its aim is to connect 70 airports of the country. Under-served and unserved airports of the country also get air connectivity with the help of this scheme.

Key features of the UDAN scheme

  • This scheme aims to strengthen regional connectivity with flights which cover distances up to 800 km.
  • In India's flight connectivity grid, 43 cities will be mainstreamed.
  • Air India's subsidiary Alliance Air has become the first airline that started operating flights between Delhi and Shimla under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS).
  • The states are expected to provide minimum land, free of cost, for development of the RCS airports.
  • Under the scheme after a bidding process, airlines like Alliance Air, SpiceJet, Turbo Megha, Air Odisha and Air Deccan, were awarded 128 routes.
  • Airfare for a 1-hour journey of approximately 500 km is Rs.2500.
  • The scheme is National Civil Aviation Policy's component which was released on 15 June, 2016.

States covered under this scheme

States and Union Territories covered under this scheme include Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The airports which will be connected under UDAN include Bhatinda, Shimla, Bilaspur, Neyveli, Cooch Behar, Nanded and Kadapa.

Some of the proposed routes are Hyderabad-Cuddapah, Hyderabad-Nanded, Nanded-Mumbai, Chennai-Mysuru, Chennai-Salem, Mumbai-Porbandar, Kolkata-Aizwal, Pune-Nashik, Delhi-Dehradun, and Ranchi-Raipur.

About Fares under UDAN Scheme

One seat/hour costs 2,500 INR. The fares will vary as per the distance and routes.

City/ AirportConnected ToAirline OperatorSeating CapacityRCS SeatsNo. of flights per weekMaximum Airfare (INR)
Arunachal Pradesh
Fixed Wing
PassighatJorhatZoom Air502541490
 JorhatZoom Air 723672480
Walong DibrugarhSkyone131334970
ZiroDibrugarhHeligo Charters131344970
Fixed Wing
JorhatKolkataZoom Air50254+33470
 PassighatZoom Air502541490
 TezuZoom Air502531660
 KolkataAAA Aviation502573470
 TezpurAAA Aviation502571410
TezpurKolkataZoom Air502573110
 LilabariAAA Aviation502571410
 ShillongAAA Aviation502571490
JorhatDibrugarhPawan Hans111133720
 TezpurPawan Hans111134120
Fixed Wing
HissarChandigarh Pinnacle Air10961490
 Delhi Pinnacle Air10961410
Himachal Pradesh
KasauliShimlaPawan Hans111132480
ManaliKulluPawan Hans111132480
MandiDharamshalaPawan Hans111132880
 KulluPawan Hans11113+32480
 ShimlaPawan Hans11113+32880
NathpaJhakriRampurPawan Hans111132480
RampurNathpaJhakriPawan Hans111132480
 ShimlaPawan Hans111132480
ShimlaKasauliPawan Hans111132480
 MandiPawan Hans11113+32880
 RampurPawan Hans111132480
Fixed Wing
BokaroKolkataTo be decided18971740
 PatnaTo be decided18971740
DumkaKolkataTo be decided18971570
 RanchiTo be decided18971570
Fixed Wing
Baldota/KoppalBangaloreTurbo Aviation19971980
 GoaTurbo Aviation19971810
 HyderabadTurbo Aviation19972060
 HyderabadAlliance Air703572480
Fixed Wing
Hubli PuneSpiceJet783972150
Fixed Wing
Fixed Wing
KolhapurBangaloreAlliance Air703572570
 HyderabadAlliance Air703572310
 AhmedabadAlliance Air703572060
 DelhiJet Airways1684033460
 HyderabadAlliance Air703573110
 HyderabadAlliance Air703571740
JiribamTamenglongPawan Hans111162480
MorehImphalPawan Hans111162880
ParbungThanlonPawan Hans111162480
TamenglongImphalPawan Hans111162480
 JiribamPawan Hans111162480
ThanlonImphalPawan Hans111162480
 ParbungPawan Hans111162480
Fixed Wing
BhatindaJammuAlliance Air703571980
Fixed Wing
BikanerJaipurAlliance Air703571810
UterlaiDelhiZoom Air502532930
Fixed Wing
Tamil Nadu
Fixed Wing
VelloreBangalore AirportTurbo Aviation19971490
 ChennaiTurbo Aviation19971410
Fixed Wing
AlmoraPantnagarPawan Hans111132480
 PithoragarhPawan Hans111132480
Chinyali SaurSahastradharaHeritage77143320
GaucherJoshimathPawan Hans111132480
 SrinagarPawan Hans111132480
JoshimathGaucherPawan Hans111132480
MussoorieDehradunPawan Hans111162480
NainitalPantnagarPawan Hans111132480
New TehriDehradunPawan Hans111132480
 SrinagarPawan Hans111132480
PithoragarhAlmoraPawan Hans111132480
RamnagarDehradunPawan Hans111133320
 PantnagarPawan Hans111133320
SahastradharaChinyali SaurHeritage77143320
SrinagarGaucherPawan Hans111132480
 New TehriPawan Hans111132480
Uttar Pradesh
Fixed Wing
AligarhLucknowTo be decided18971810
 Indore Jet Airways723632945
 KolkataZoom Air502573380
 LucknowJet Airways723631330
 LucknowTurbo Aviation19971410
 Nagpur Jet Airways 723632520
 PatnaJet Airways723631875

List of new airports and new regional routes for UDAN scheme

S.no.Underserved / Unserved AirportConnected toLikely Month of OperationAirline Operator
1Bhatinda DelhiMarchAlliance Air
2ShimlaDelhiAprilAlliance Air & Air Deccan
3AgraJaipurJuneAlliance Air
  DelhiAugustAir Deccan
4Bikaner (NAL)DelhiJuneAlliance Air
5GwaliorDelhiJuneAlliance Air
   SeptemberAir Odisha
  IndoreJuneAlliance Air
  LucknowSeptemberAir Odisha
   SeptemberAir Odisha
  ChenniSeptemberTruJet & Air Odisha
7LudhianaDelhiJuneAlliance Air
   AugustDeccan Charters
9PathankotDelhiJuneAlliance Air
11Andal (Durgapur)BagdograJulyAir Deccan
  KolkataJulyAir Deccan
12BurnpurKolkataJulyAir Deccan
13Cooch BeharKolkataJulyAir Deccan
14JamshedpurKolkataJulyAir Deccan
15RourkelaKolkataJulyAir Deccan
  BhubaneshwarSeptemberAir Odisha
16BhavnagarAhmedabadAugustAir Odisha
  SuratAugustAir Odisha
17DiuAhmedabadAugustAir Odisha
18JamnagarAhmedabadAugustAir Odisha
19AdampurDelhiAugustSpice Jet
20KandlaMumbaiAugustSpice Jet
21Kanpur (Chakeri)DelhiAugustSpice Jet
  DelhiSeptemberAir Odisha
  VaranasiSeptemberAir Odisha
22Kullu (Bhuntar)DelhiAugustAir Deccan
23Mithapur (Dwarka)AhmedabadAugustAir Odisha
24MundraAhmedabadAugustAir Odisha
25PantnagarDehradunAugustAir Deccan
  DelhiAugustAir Deccan
  HyderabadAugustSpice Jet
26PondicherryChenniSeptemberAir Odisha
  SalemSeptemberAir Odisha
27PorbandarMumbaiAugustSpice Jet
28Shillong (Barapani)AgartalaAugustAir Deccan
  AizawlAugustAir Deccan
  DimapurAugustAir Deccan
  ImphalAugustAir Deccan
  SilcharAugustAir Deccan
29AmbikapurBilaspurSeptemberAir Odisha
30BilaspurAmbikapurSeptemberAir Odisha
  RaipurSeptemberAir Odisha
31JagdalpurRaipurSeptemberAir Odisha
  VishakhapatnamSeptemberAir Odisha
32JaisalmerJaipurSeptemberSpice Jet
33JalgaonMumbaiSeptemberAir Deccan
34JeyporeBhubaneshwarSeptemberAir Odisha
35JharsugudaBhubaneshwarSeptemberAir Odisha
  RaipurSeptemberAir Odisha
  RanchiSeptemberAir Odisha
36KolhapurMumbaiSeptemberAir Deccan
37Mysore (Mandacally)ChennaiSeptemberTruJet & Air Odisha
38NeyveliChennaiSeptemberAir Odisha
39Ozar NasikMumbaiSeptemberAir Deccan
  PuneSeptemberAir Deccan
40RaigarhRaipurSeptemberAir Odisha
41SalemBengaluruSeptemberAir Odisha
  PondicherrySeptemberAir Odisha
42SholapurMumbaiSeptemberAir Deccan
43UtkelaBhubaneshwarSeptemberAir Odisha
  RaipurSeptemberAir Odisha
44BidarBengaluruApproval AwaitedTruJet
45HosurChennaiApproval AwaitedTruJet

Source :- http://www.india.com

Last Updated on : February 17, 2018

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