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Supreme Court of India
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The Supreme Court of India is the apex court in India. It is a constitutional body as laid down by Part V of the Chapter V of the Constitution of India. It was founded on 26 January 1950.

As stated by the Indian Constitution, the function of the Supreme Court of India is that of a custodian of the Constitution, a court established by the authority of a federal government, and the uppermost court of appeal.

Articles 124 to 147 of the Indian Constitution delineate the constitution and legal authority of the Supreme Court of India. In terms of legal relief, the Supreme Court of India is principally the only remaining option and uppermost court of appeal which listens to appeals in opposition to verdicts of the High Courts of the union territories and states.

However, the apex court of India deals with written appeals with regards to incidents of severe human rights violations or if a case entails a crucial matter that requires instant settlement as well. The apex court of the country conducted its opening session on 28 January 1950. From that phase, the apex court has delivered over 24,000 reported verdicts.

The apex court of India consists of the Chief Justice of India and not above 30 other judges designated by the President of India. Nevertheless, the President should designate the judges by discussion with the apex court. The appointments are usually conducted according to senior status and not political inclination. The retirement age of Supreme Court judges is 65 years.

Formation of the Apex Court of India

On 28 January 1950, two days past the day when India turned into an independent and autonomous nation, the Supreme Court of India came into existence. The opening ceremony was organized in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament premises. For an extensive period of 12 years (from 1937 - 1950), the Chamber of Princes was used as the bench of the Judicature of India and also the Supreme Court up to the time when the apex court of India obtained its current building in 1958.

Following its opening ceremony on 28 January 1950, the apex court of the country commenced its hearings in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament House. The court shifted into the current premise in 1958. The bar association of the apex court is known as the Supreme Court Bar Association. Presently, the chairperson of the Supreme Court Bar Association is Mr. Pravin Parekh and the Honorary Secretary of the body is Mr. Sanjay Bansal.

Where is Supreme Court of India located?

The Supreme Court of India is situated in New Delhi, the capital of India.

Present Chief Justice of India

Justice T.S. Thakur is the current and the 43rd Chief Justice of India. He took over from Justice (retd) H.L. Dattu. Justice Thakur Dattu will have tenure for a little more than one year and will retire on 4 January 2017.

High courts come under jurisdiction of Supreme Court of India

Following is the list of the 24 high courts of India:
  • Hyderabad High Court (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)
  • Allahabad High Court (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Bombay High Court (Maharashtra)
  • Calcutta High Court (West Bengal)
  • Chhattisgarh High Court
  • Delhi High Court
  • Gujarat High Court
  • Gauhati High Court (Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh)
  • Himachal Pradesh High Court
  • Jammu & Kashmir High Court
  • Jharkhand High Court
  • Karnataka High Court
  • Kerala High Court
  • Madras High Court (Tamil Nadu)
  • Madhya Pradesh High Court
  • Meghalaya High Court
  • Manipur High Court
  • Orissa High Court
  • Patna High Court (Bihar)
  • Punjab and Haryana High Court
  • Rajasthan High Court
  • Sikkim High Court
  • Uttarakhand High Court
  • Tripura High Court

District Courts and Tribunals

Other than the aforementioned high courts, the following district courts and tribunals operate under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India:

District courts
  • Appellate Tribunal for Electricity
  • AP Administrative Tribunal
  • Central Administrative Tribunal
  • Central Excise Service Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Debt Recovery Tribunal, Coimbatore
  • Debts Recovery Tribunal-I, Chennai
  • Debts Recovery Tribunal-II, Chennai
  • Railway Claims Tribunal
  • Intellectual Property Appellate Tribunal, Chennai
  • Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

In which areas did the Supreme Court of India deliver landmark verdicts?

The apex court of India has delivered landmark verdicts in the following areas:
  • Land reforms
  • Bank Nationalization Bill (1969)

What is the eligibility of becoming a Supreme Court Judge?

In order to become a judge of the Supreme Court of India, an individual has to be a citizen of India. He also should have served as a Judge of a High Court or of two or more similar courts for a minimum period of five years in a row, or an Advocate of a High Court or of two or more similar courts in a row for a minimum period of 10 years. According to the judgment of the President, an eminent legal scholar or expert can also be appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court. Stipulations are there for the recruitment of a Judge of a High Court as an impromptu justice of the apex court and for retired judges of the apex court or High Courts to be seated and function as justices of that court.

What is the contact address of Supreme Court of India?

The contact details of the Supreme Court of India are as follows:
  • The Registrar
    Supreme Court of India
    Tilak Marg
    New Delhi - 110 001 (India)

    PABX Nos: 23388942-44, .23388922-24

    FAX Nos: 23381584, 23381508, 23384533, 23384336, 23384447

    Email: [email protected]

Sitting judges of Supreme Court of India

S. No.Name of Hon'ble JudgeDate of BirthDate of AppointmentDate of Retirement
1Hon'ble Mr. Justice T.S. Thakur ( Chief Justice of India w.e.f. 03.12.2015)04/01/5217/11/0903/01/17
2Hon'ble Mr. Justice Anil R. Dave19/11/5130/04/1018/11/16
3Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.S. Khehar28/08/5213/09/1127/08/17
4Hon'ble Mr. Justice Dipak Misra03/10/5310/10/1102/10/18
5Hon'ble Mr. Justice Jasti Chelameswar23/06/5310/10/1122/06/18
6Hon'ble Mr. Justice Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla23/07/5102/04/1222/07/16
7Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ranjan Gogoi18/11/5423/04/12No. 17, 2019
8Hon'ble Mr. Justice Madan B. Lokur31/12/5304/06/1230/12/18
9Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.Y.Eqbal13/02/5124/12/1212/02/16
10Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Gopala gowda06/10/5124/12/1205/10/16
11Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vikramajit Sen31/12/5024/12/1230/12/15
12Hon'ble Mr. Justice Pinaki Chandra GhoseMay. 28, 195208/03/13May. 27, 2017
13Hon'ble Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph30/11/5308/03/1329/11/18
14Hon'ble Mr. Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri07/03/5412/04/1306/03/19
15Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde24/04/5612/04/1323/04/21
16Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shiva Kirti Singh13/11/5119/09/1312/11/16
17Hon'ble Mr. Justice C. Nagappan04/10/5119/09/1303/10/16
18Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.K. Agrawal 05/05/5317/02/1405/04/18
19Hon'ble Mr. Justice N.V. Ramana27/08/5717/02/1426/08/22
20Hon'ble Mr. Justice Arun Mishra09/03/55July. 07, 201409/02/20
21Hon'ble Mr. Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel07/07/53July. 07, 201407/06/18
22Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.F. Nariman13.08.1956July. 07, 201408/12/21
23Hon'ble Mr. Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre28.08.195413/08/1427.08.2019
24Hon'ble Mrs. Justice R. Banumathi20.07.195513/08/1419.07.2020
25Hon'ble Mr. Justice Prafulla C. Pant30.08.195213/08/1429.08.2017
26Hon'ble Mr. Justice Uday U. Lalit11/09/5713/08/1411/08/22
27Hon'ble Mr. Justice Amitava Roy03/01/5327/02/1503/01/18

Retired hon'ble chief justices (arranged according to seniority)

1Hon'ble Mr. Justice Harilal Jekisundas Kania26/01/195026/01/195006/11/1951*
2Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Patanjali Sastri26/01/195011/07/5101/03/54
3Hon'ble Mr. Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan26/01/195001/04/5422/12/1954
4Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bijan Kumar Mukherjea26/01/195023/12/195431/01/1956**
5Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sudhi Ranjan Das26/01/195002/01/5630/09/1959
6Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bhuvneshwar Prasad Sinha12/03/5410/01/5931/01/1964
7Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.B. Gajendragadkar17/01/195702/01/6415/03/1966
8Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.K. Sarkar03/04/5716/03/196629/06/1966
9Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Subba Rao31/01/195830/06/196611/04/1967**
10Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.N. Wanchoo08/11/5804/12/6724/02/1968
11Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Hidayatullah12/01/5825/02/196816/12/1970
12Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.C. Shah10/12/5917/12/197021/01/1971
13Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.M. Sikri02/03/6422/01/197125/04/1973
14Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.N. Ray08/01/6926/04/197328/01/1977
15Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Hameedullah Beg12/10/7129/01/197721/02/1978
16Hon'ble Mr. Justice Y.V. Chandrachud28/08/197222/02/197807/11/85
17Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.N. Bhagwati17/07/197307/12/8520/12/1986
18Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.S. Pathak20/02/197821/12/198618/06/1989**
19Hon'ble Mr. Justice E.S. Venkataramiah03/08/7919/06/198917/12/1989
20Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sabyasachi Mukherjee15/03/198318/12/198925/09/1990*
21Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ranganath Misra15/03/198325/09/199024/11/1991
22Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.N. Singh03/10/8625/11/199112/12/91
23Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.H. Kania05/01/8713/12/199117/11/1992
24Hon'ble Mr. Justice L.M. Sharma10/05/8718/11/199202/11/93
25Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah10/05/8702/12/9324/10/1994
26Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.M. Ahmadi14/12/198825/10/199424/03/1997
27Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.S. Verma06/03/8925/03/199717/01/1998
28Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.M. Punchhi10/06/8918/01/199810/09/98
29Hon'ble Dr. Justice A.S. Anand18/11/199110/10/9831/10/2001
30Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.P. Bharucha07/01/9211/01/0105/05/02
31Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.N. Kirpal09/11/9505/06/0211/07/02
32Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.B. Pattanaik09/11/9511/08/0218/12/2002
33Hon'ble Mr. Justice V.N. Khare21/03/199719/12/200205/01/04
34Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Rajendra Babu25/09/199705/02/0431/05/2004
35Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.C. Lahoti12/09/9806/01/0431/10/2005
36Hon'ble Mr. Justice Y.K. Sabharwal28/01/200011/01/0513/01/2007
37Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.G. Balakrishnan06/08/0014/01/200705/11/10
38Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia18/12/200305/12/1028/09/2012
39Hon'ble Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir09/09/0529/09/201218/07/2013
40Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. Sathasivam21/08/200719/07/201326/04/2014
41Hon'ble Mr. Justice R. M. Lodha17/12/200827/04/201427/09/2014
42Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.L. Dattu17/12/200828/09/201412/02/15

List of retired hon'ble judges arranged according to seniority

1Hon'ble Mr. Justice Sir Saiyid Fazl Ali26/01/195018/09/1951
2Hon'ble Mr. Justice N. Chandrasekhara Aiyar23/09/195024/01/1953
3Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vivian Bose03/05/5106/08/56
4Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ghulam Hasan09/08/5205/11/1954*
5Hon'ble Mr. Justice Natwarlal Harilal Bhagwati09/08/5206/06/59
6Hon'ble Mr. Justice B. Jagannadhadas03/09/5326/07/1958
7Hon'ble Mr. Justice T.L. Venkatarama Aiyyar01/04/5424/11/1958
8Hon'ble Mr. Justice Syed Jaffer Imam01/10/5531/01/1964**
9Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.K. Das30/04/195609/02/63
10Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. Govinda Menon09/01/5616/10/1957*
11Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.L. Kapur14/01/195712/12/62
12Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.C. Das Gupta24/08/195901/02/65
13Hon'ble Mr. Justice Raghubar Dayal27/07/196025/10/1965
14Hon'ble Mr. Justice N. Rajagopala Ayyangar27/07/196014/12/1964
15Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.R. Madholkar10/03/6003/07/1966**
16Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.S. Bachawat09/07/6431/07/1969
17Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Ramaswami01/04/6529/10/1969
18Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. Satyanarayana Raju20/10/196520/04/1966*
19Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.M. Shelat24/02/196630/04/1973**
20Hon'ble Mr. Justice Vishishtha Bhargava08/08/6602/04/71
21Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.K. Mitter29/08/196623/09/1971
22Hon'ble Mr. Justice C.A. Vaidyialingam10/10/6629/06/1972
23Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.S. Hegde17/07/196730/04/1973**
24Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.N. Grover02/11/6831/05/1973**
25Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. Jaganmohan Reddy08/01/6922/01/1975
26Hon'ble Mr. Justice I.D. Dua08/01/6910/03/72
27Hon'ble Mr. Justice Subimal Chandra Roy19/07/197112/11/1971*
28Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.G. Palekar19/07/197109/03/74
29Hon'ble Mr. Justice Hans Raj Khanna22/09/197111/03/1977**
30Hon'ble Mr. Justice Kuttyil Kurien Mathew10/04/7101/02/76
31Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.N. Dwivedi14/08/197208/12/1974*
32Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.K. Mukherjea14/08/197223/10/1973*
33Hon'ble Mr. Justice A. Alagiriswami17/10/197216/10/1975
34Hon'ble Mr. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer17/07/197314/11/1980
35Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.K. Goswami09/10/7331/12/1977
36Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.S. Sarkaria17/09/197315/01/1981
37Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.C. Gupta09/02/7431/12/1981
38Hon'ble Mr. Justice N.L. Untwalia10/03/7431/07/1980
39Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Murtaza Fazal Ali04/02/7520/08/1985*
40Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.N. Shingal11/06/7514/10/1980
41Hon'ble Mr. Justice Jaswant Singh23/01/197624/01/1979
42Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.S. Kailasam01/03/7709/11/80
43Hon'ble Mr. Justice V.D. Tulzapurkar30/09/197703/08/86
44Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.A. Desai30/09/197705/08/85
45Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.D. Koshal17/07/197803/06/82
46Hon'ble Mr. Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy17/07/197824/09/1987
47Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.P. Sen17/07/197819/09/1988
48Hon'ble Mr. Justice Baharul Islam12/04/8012/01/1983**
49Hon'ble Mr. Justice A. Varadarajan12/10/8016/08/1985
50Hon'ble Mr. Justice Amarendra Nath Sen28/01/198130/09/1985
51Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Balakrishna Eradi30/01/198118/06/1987
52Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.B. Misra30/01/198114/06/1986
53Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.P. Madon15/03/198304/06/86
54Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.P. Thakkar15/03/198311/03/88
55Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Khalid25/06/198430/06/1987
56Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.L. Oza29/10/198512/11/89
57Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.C. Ray29/10/198531/10/1991
58Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.M. Dutt03/10/8629/10/1989
59Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Natarajan03/10/8628/10/1989
60Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Jagannatha Shetty05/01/8714/12/1991
61 Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Ranganathan10/05/8730/10/1992
62Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.N. Ojha18/01/198818/01/1991
63Hon'ble Mr.Justice S. Ratnavel Pandian14/12/198803/12/94
64Hon'ble Dr. Justice T.K. Thommen14/12/198825/09/1993
65Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.N. Saikia14/12/198828/02/1991
66Hon'ble Mr. Justice Kuldip Singh14/12/198831/12/1996
67Hon'ble Mr. Justice V. Ramaswami10/06/8914/02/1994
68Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.B. Sawant10/06/8929/06/1995
69Hon'ble Mr. Justice N.M. Kasliwal10/06/8904/03/93
70Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Ramaswamy10/06/8907/12/97
71Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Fathima Beevi10/06/8929/04/1992
72Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Jayachandra Reddy01/11/9014/07/1994
73Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.C. Agrawal01/11/9009/04/98
74Hon'ble Mr.Justice R.M. Sahai01/11/9024/06/1995
75Hon'ble Mr. Justice Yogeshwar Dayal22/03/199102/08/1994*
76Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Mohan10/07/9102/10/95
77Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.P. Jeevan Reddy10/07/9113/03/1997
78Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.N. Ray10/07/9130/04/1998
79Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.C. Patnaik12/03/9130/05/1992*
80Hon'ble Mr. Justice N.P. Singh15/06/199224/12/1996
81Hon'ble Mr. Justice N. Venkatachala07/01/9207/02/95
82Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.K. Mukherjee14/12/199330/11/1998
83Hon'ble Mr. Justice Faizan Uddin14/12/199302/04/97
84Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.L. Hansaria14/12/199324/12/1996
85Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.C. Sen06/11/9420/12/1997
86Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.S. Paripoornan06/11/9406/11/97
87Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.B. Majmudar19/09/199419/08/2000
88Hon'ble Ms. Justice Sujata V. Manohar11/08/9427/08/1999
89Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.T. Nanavati03/06/9516/02/2000
90Hon'ble Mr. Justice S. Saghir Ahmad03/06/9530/06/2000
91Hon'ble Mr. Justice K. Venkataswami03/06/9518/09/1999
92Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.P. Kurdukar29/03/199615/01/2000
93Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.T. Thomas29/03/199629/01/2002
94Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Jagannadha Rao21/03/199712/01/00
95Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.P. Wadhwa21/03/199705/04/00
96Hon'ble Mr. Justice M. Srinivasan25/09/199725/02/2000*
97Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ajay Prakash Misra12/04/9731/08/2001
98Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.S.M. Quadri12/04/9704/04/03
99Hon'ble Mr. Justice M.B. Shah12/09/9824/09/2003
100Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.P. Mohapatra12/09/9808/02/02
101Hon'ble Mr. Justice U.C. Banerjee12/09/9817/11/2002
102Hon'ble Mr. Justice N. Santosh Hegde01/08/9915/06/2005
103Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.P. Sethi01/08/9907/06/02
104Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.N. Phukan28/01/199931/3/2002
105Hon'ble Mr. Justice Doraiswamy Raju28/01/200007/01/04
106Hon'ble Mrs. Justice Ruma Pal28/01/200006/02/06
107Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.N. Variava15/03/200011/07/05
108Hon'ble Mr. Justice Shivaraj V. Patil15/03/200001/11/05
109Hon'ble Mr. Justice Brijesh Kumar19/10/200006/09/04
110Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.N. Agrawal19/10/200015/10/2009
111Hon'ble Mr. Justice P. Venkatarama Reddi17/08/200108/09/05
112Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ashok Bhan17/08/200110/02/08
113Hon'ble Dr. Justice Arijit Pasayat19/10/200105/10/09
114Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.P. Singh14/12/200107/08/07
115Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari03/05/0213/08/2005
116Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.K. Sema04/09/0206/01/08
117Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.B. Sinha10/03/0208/08/09
118Hon'ble Mr. Justice Arun Kumar10/03/0204/11/06
119Hon'ble Mr. Justice B.N. Srikrishna10/03/0220/05/2006
120Hon'ble Dr. Justice AR. Lakshmanan20/12/200221/03/2007
121Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.P. Mathur20/12/200219/01/2008
122Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.K. Mathur06/07/0408/07/08
123Hon'ble Mr. Justice C.K. Thakker06/07/0411/10/08
124Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.K. Balasubramanyan27/08/200427/08/2007
125Hon'ble Mr. Justice P.P. Naolekar27/08/200429/06/2008
126Hon'ble Mr. Justice Tarun Chatterjee27/08/200414/01/2010
127Hon'ble Mr. Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta02/03/0623/04/2009
128Hon'ble Mr. Justice B. Sudershan Reddy01/12/4607/07/11
129Hon'ble Mr. Justice V.S. Sirpurkar01/12/0721/08/2011
130Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.S. Bedi01/12/0709/04/11
131Hon'ble Mr. Justice Mukundakam Sharma04/09/0817/09/2011
132Hon'ble Mr. Justice Markandey Katju04/10/0619/09/2011
133Hon'ble Mr. Justice J.M. Panchal11/12/0710/05/11
134Hon'ble Mr. Justice R.V. Raveendran09/09/0515/10/2011
135Hon'ble Mr. Justice Cyriac Joseph07/07/0827/01/2012
136Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.K. Ganguly17/12/200802/03/12
137Hon'ble Mr. Justice Dalveer Bhandari28/10/200527/04/2012**
138Hon'ble Mr. Justice Deepak Verma05/11/0928/08/2012
139Hon'ble Mr. Justice Swatanter Kumar18/12/200919/12/2012
140Hon'ble Mr. Justice D.K. Jain04/10/0624.01.2013
141Hon'ble Mr. Justice Aftab Alam11/12/0718.04.2013
142Hon'ble Mr. Justice G.S. Singhvi11/12/0712/12/13
143Hon'ble Mr. Justice H.L. Gokhale30.04.201003/10/14
144Hon'ble Mrs. Justice Gyan Sudha Misra30.04.201027.04.2014
145Hon'ble Mr. Justice K.S. Panicker Radhakrishnan17.11.200914.05.2014
146Hon'ble Mr. Justice A.K. Patnaik17.11.200906/02/14
147Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.S. Nijjar17.11.200906/06/14
148Hon'ble Dr. Justice B.S. Chauhan05/11/0907/01/14
149Hon'ble Mr. Justice C.K. Prasad02/08/1014.07.2014
150Hon'ble Mrs. Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai13.09.201129.10.2014
151Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya13.09.201114.03.2015


Reference: Ministry of Law and Justice
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