Gargi College Cut off list 2022

Gargi College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi. It was founded in 1967 and provides several courses in the arts, commerce, science, and education for women. The Department of Biotechnology, Indian government, has awarded the college Star College Status.

Gargi College Fifth Cut Off list 2021

B.A (Prog.)See Annexure                
B.A (Hons) Applied PsychologyClosed95.7595.594.595.7595.596.75
B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosed95.5ClosedClosedClosed8691
B.A (Hons) English96.5Closed929193.591Closed
B.A (Hons) HindiClosed82.5Closed75847580
B.A (Hons) History96Closed92.5Closed948687
B.A (Hons) Philosophy95898685908686
B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosed9693.25Closed94.58988.5
B.A (Hons) Sanskrit65.5605853625358
B.Com (Hons)ClosedClosed8981Closed8589
B.Sc (Hons) Botany9289.6683.33Closed906389
B.Sc (Hons) ChemistryClosedClosed83.66Closed93.6681.6690.66
B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics96.5Closed88.5Closed968692
B.Sc (Hons) MicrobiologyClosed96Closed82Closed85Closed
B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsClosedClosed8684Closed8188
B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed92Closed84926686
B.Sc (Life Sciences)928980.33Closed90.665682
B.Sc (Phys. Sc.)91907870896886
B.A Programme (English + German)ClosedClosed91.5Closed948590
B.A Programme (English + History)ClosedClosedClosedClosedNA8590
B.A Programme (English + Philosphy)95.593.593.5NAClosed8590
B.A Programme (English + Psychology)Closed9592.5ClosedClosed9093
B.A Programme (German + History)Closed91.590.5NA92.58590
B.A Programme (German + Pol Science)ClosedClosed89.5ClosedClosed8590
B.A Programme (Hindi + History)949190.589928590
B.A Programme (Hindi + Pol Science)Closed91.5908892.58590
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Eco.)96.5Closed91NAClosed8590
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + ESB.)ClosedClosed89.588.592.58590
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Math)Closed92.589.5NAClosed8590
B.A Programme (Eco. + ESB)Closed9289.588928590
B.A Programme (Eco. + Math)9692.5NANA938590
B.A Programme (Eco. + Pol Science)97.5ClosedClosedClosed95.58991
B.A Programme (Eco. + Psychology)ClosedClosed92Closed94.58892
B.A Programme (ESB. + Math)94.591.589.5NA928590
B.A Programme (History + Philosphy)ClosedClosed91NA93.58590
B.A Programme (History + Pol. Sciene)97Closed92.7590Closed8990
B.A Programme (Philo + Pol. Sciene)96.25ClosedClosed90.593.58590
B.A Programme (Philo + Psychology)97.5ClosedClosedNA958590

Gargi College Fourth Cut Off list 2021

B.A (Prog.)See Annexure                
B.A (Hons) Applied Psychology98.2595.7595.594.59695.7597
B.A (Hons) Economics97.75ClosedClosedClosed95.758893.5
B.A (Hons) English96.7594.5939294.59294
B.A (Hons) HindiClosed83.5Closed7784.57782
B.A (Hons) History97Closed92.75ClosedClosed8788
B.A (Hons) Philosophy95.759087.587928989
B.A (Hons) Political Science97.5ClosedClosedClosed959089
B.A (Hons) Sanskrit65.5626055645560
B.Com (Hons)97.2595Closed82.5958791
B.Sc (Hons) Botany939084Closed926490
B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry94.66938476948291
B.Sc (Hons) MathematicsClosedClosed898896.258793
B.Sc (Hons) MicrobiologyClosedClosedClosed83Closed86Closed
B.Sc (Hons) PhysicsClosed948886Closed8390
B.Sc (Hons) ZoologyClosed92.66ClosedClosed936787
B.Sc (Life Sciences)93.6690ClosedClosed91.665783
B.Sc (Phys. Sc.)91.6690.33827290.666987
B.A Programme (English + German)95.5939290.594.58993
B.A Programme (English + History)ClosedClosedClosedClosedNA8992
B.A Programme (English + Philosphy)9693.75ClosedNAClosed8892
B.A Programme (English + Psychology)ClosedClosed93ClosedClosed9194
B.A Programme (German + History)Closed9291NA938892
B.A Programme (German + Pol Science)ClosedClosed90ClosedClosed8892
B.A Programme (Hindi + History)95929189.5938792
B.A Programme (Hindi + Pol Science)Closed9290.288.5Closed8891
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Eco.)Closed9391.5NAClosed8892
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + ESB.)ClosedClosed9089938791
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Math)Closed9390NAClosed8891
B.A Programme (Eco. + ESB)969390.589938891
B.A Programme (Eco. + Math)Closed93.5NANA93.58891
B.A Programme (Eco. + Pol Science)ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed9092
B.A Programme (Eco. + Psychology)ClosedClosed92.5Closed958993
B.A Programme (ESB. + Math)959290NA938891
B.A Programme (History + Philosphy)ClosedClosed91.5NA948891
B.A Programme (History + Pol. Sciene)97.25Closed9391ClosedClosed92
B.A Programme (Philo + Pol. Sciene)ClosedClosed92Closed948891
B.A Programme (Philo + Psychology)98ClosedClosedNA95.58891

Gargi College Third Cut Off list 2021

B.A (Prog.)See Annexure                
B.A (Hons) Applied Psychology98.59695.7594.75979697.25
B.A (Hons) Economics98.5ClosedClosed8896.589.5Closed
B.A (Hons) English97.2594.75949395.59395
B.A (Hons) Hindi87.7584.580.579857984
B.A (Hons) History97.5Closed9392.594.58889
B.A (Hons) PhilosophyClosed90.58888949191
B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed95.590.590.5
B.A (Hons) Sanskrit66.563.562.559.565.559.562.5
B.Com (Hons)97.7596Closed83.25978992
B.Sc (Hons) Botany94918582936591
B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry96958780958494
B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics9795.5919096.58995
B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology96.66ClosedClosed84Closed8792
B.Sc (Hons) Physics96959088958592
B.Sc (Hons) Zoology9593Closed84946788
B.Sc (Life Sciences)ClosedClosedClosed7392.665885
B.Sc (Phys. Sc.)9391.668573.66927088
B.A Programme (English + German)96949391959094
B.A Programme (English + History)97ClosedClosed91.5NA9093
B.A Programme (English + Philosphy)96.594ClosedNA94.58993.5
B.A Programme (English + Psychology)Closed95.2593.592Closed91.595
B.A Programme (German + History)9592.591.5NA93.58993
B.A Programme (German + Pol Science)Closed93.59189938993
B.A Programme (Hindi + History)96939290.5948994
B.A Programme (Hindi + Pol Science)9592.59189.5938992.5
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Eco.)Closed93.592NAClosed9093.5
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + ESB.)95.592.591.589.593.589.693
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Math)96Closed92NAClosed9093.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + ESB)Closed93.59290949093.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + Math)Closed94NANA94.59093.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + Pol Science)ClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed94
B.A Programme (Eco. + Psychology)ClosedClosed939195.59194.5
B.A Programme (ESB. + Math)95.592.591.5NA9489.593
B.A Programme (History + Philosphy)Closed93.592.5NA94.589.593
B.A Programme (History + Pol. Sciene)ClosedClosed93.591.5ClosedClosed94
B.A Programme (Philo + Pol. Sciene)96.75Closed92.5Closed94.759093.5
B.A Programme (Philo + Psychology)98.2595.25ClosedNA96.259194

Gargi College Second Cut Off list 2021

B.A (Prog.)See Annexure                
B.A (Hons) Applied Psychology9997.7596.75Closed989798.25
B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosedClosedClosed88.597.590.5Closed
B.A (Hons) English9895.5959495.759496
B.A (Hons) HindiClosed85.581.58085.758085
B.A (Hons) HistoryClosedClosed93.592.7595.58990
B.A (Hons) Philosophy96918989959393
B.A (Hons) Political Science98ClosedClosedClosed96.59191
B.A (Hons) Sanskrit67646360666063
B.Com (Hons)98.597.5Closed83.7598.2589.593
B.Sc (Hons) Botany95.66938683946692
B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry9796898396.338595
B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics97.596939296.759196.5
B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology9796.33Closed86949094
B.Sc (Hons) Physics97.3396.6691.6689.66968693
B.Sc (Hons) Zoology9694Closed84.669567.6690
B.Sc (Life Sciences)94.3390.66Closed7993.665987
B.Sc (Phys. Sc.)94.33938975947189
B.A Programme (English + German)Closed94.593.591.595.59195
B.A Programme (English + History)97.5ClosedClosed92.25NA9295
B.A Programme (English + Philosphy)9794.5ClosedNA959094.5
B.A Programme (English + Psychology)9895.59492.59692.596
B.A Programme (German + History)9693.592.5NA94.59094
B.A Programme (German + Pol Science)96.593.759290949094
B.A Programme (Hindi + History)97949391.5959095
B.A Programme (Hindi + Pol Science)9693.59290.5949093.5
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Eco.)979493NA959194.5
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + ESB.)96.593.592.590.594.590.594
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Math)979493NA959194.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + ESB)97949391959194.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + Math)9794.5NANA959194.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + Pol Science)9895.25ClosedClosed9691.595
B.A Programme (Eco. + Psychology)98959492969295.5
B.A Programme (ESB. + Math)96.593.592.5NA9590.594
B.A Programme (History + Philosphy)96.59493NA9590.594
B.A Programme (History + Pol. Sciene)97.5Closed949296Closed95
B.A Programme (Philo + Pol. Sciene)97949391959194.5
B.A Programme (Philo + Psychology)98.595.5ClosedNA96.59295.5

Gargi College First Cut Off list 2021

B.A (Prog.)See Annexure      
B.A (Hons) Applied Psychology99.59897959798.2598.25
B.A (Hons) Economics99969189919895
B.A (Hons) English98.5969695959697
B.A (Hons) Hindi88868281818686
B.A (Hons) History98959493909691
B.A (Hons) Philosophy97929090959695
B.A (Hons) Political Science98.596.593.593.591.597.591.5
B.A (Hons) Sanskrit68656565656765
B.Com (Hons)999890849098.594
B.Sc (Hons) Botany97958785689693
B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry9897.3391.33868697.3397
B.Sc (Hons) Math9896.59493929797.5
B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology9896.693899497.396.6
B.Sc (Hons) Physics9897.339290879794
B.Sc (Hons) Zoology97958785689691
B.Sc (Life Sciences)959181796094.6688
B.Sc (Phys. Sc.)969590777295.3390
B.A Programme (English + German)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (English + History)98.595.594.592.592.596.596
B.A Programme (English + Philosphy)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (English + Psychology)99969593939796.5
B.A Programme (German + History)97949391919594.5
B.A Programme (German + Pol Science)97949391919594.5
B.A Programme (Hindi + History)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (Hindi + Pol Science)97949391919594.5
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Eco.)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + ESB.)97.594.593.591.591.595.595
B.A Programme (Comp. Appl + Math)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + ESB)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + Math)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (Eco. + Pol Science)98.595.594.592.592.596.596
B.A Programme (Eco. + Psychology)99969593939796.5
B.A Programme (ESB. + Math)97.594.593.591.591.595.595
B.A Programme (History + Philosphy)97.594.593.591.591.595.595
B.A Programme (History + Pol. Sciene)98.595.594.592.592.596.596
B.A Programme (Philo + Pol. Sciene)98959492929695.5
B.A Programme (Philo + Psychology)99969593939796.5

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