Ramanujan College Cut off list 2022

Ramanujan College is a constituent college of the University of Delhi. It is named after the Indian mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan, which is located in Kalkaji, near Nehru Place in South Delhi. This college runs fifteen courses in the disciplines of Humanities, Commerce, Management, Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science and Vocational Studies. It is also the study center for the students of the Non- Collegiate Women's Education Board, University of Delhi and the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Ramanujan College has been given grade "A" by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council

Ramanujan College Fourth Cut Off list 2022

B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + EconomicsClosed91.7589.25ClosedClosed92.5Closed
B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + MathematicsClosed90.2588.22ClosedClosed91.5Closed
B.A (P) Entrepreneurship and small business + EconomicsClosed90.588868791Closed
B.A (P) Mathematics + EconomicsClosedClosed89.586879288
B.A (P) Psychology + EconomicsClosed92.592.2588899390
B.A (P) Hindi + HistoryClosed88.75ClosedClosed858986
B.A (P) Hindi + Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed84ClosedClosed
B.A (P) History + PhilosophyClosed87.7587878489.586
B.A (P) History + Political ScienceClosedClosed90.590.5Closed93.2590
B.A (P) Philosophy + Political ScienceClosedClosed88.588.58590.5Closed
B.A (P) Political Science + PsychologyClosedClosed91.591.588ClosedClosed
B.A (P) History + Punjabi84.582.5ClosedClosedClosed8486
B.A (P) Political Science + PunjabiClosed82.5828281.5ClosedClosed
B.A (H) Applied PsychologyClosed929089919493.5
B.A (H) EconomicsClosed928987919493
B.A (H) English958988858889.590
B.A (H) HindiClosed80.5Closed767978.582
B.A (H) PhilosophyClosed8585838687.588
B.A (H) Political ScienceClosed9289.587.58991.591
B.Com (H)Closed9185807594.2585
B.Sc (H) Computer Science94.592.587868993.591
B.Sc (H) Environmental Science89.58785848688.588
B.Sc (H) MathematicsClosed93.5ClosedClosed909292
B.Sc (H) StatisticsClosed91.7588868993.592
B.Voc.Banking OperationsClosed85.585828488.588
B.Voc. Software Development9085.585828488.588

Ramanujan College Special Cut Off list 2022

B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + EconomicsClosed92.7591.25ClosedClosed93.5Closed
B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + MathematicsClosed91.2590.25ClosedClosed92.5Closed
B.A (P) Entrepreneurship and small business + EconomicsClosed91.590898892Closed
B.A (P) Mathematics + EconomicsClosedClosed90.589889389
B.A (P) Psychology + EconomicsClosed93.593.2591909491
B.A (P) Hindi + History91.7589.75ClosedClosed869087
B.A (P) Hindi + Political ScienceClosedClosed88.587ClosedClosedClosed
B.A (P) History + PhilosophyClosed89.2588.5878690.587
B.A (P) History + Political ScienceClosedClosed92.5Closed9094.2591
B.A (P) Philosophy + Political ScienceClosedClosed89.588Closed91.5Closed
B.A (P) Political Science + PsychologyClosedClosed92.591ClosedClosedClosed
B.A (P) History + Punjabi87.586.5ClosedClosedClosed8787
B.A (P) Political Science + Punjabi87.586.58685ClosedClosedClosed
B.A (H) Applied PsychologyClosed9492909295.594
B.A (H) EconomicsClosed939290919593
B.A (H) English95.59190.588899291
B.A (H) HindiClosed818079808183
B.A (H) PhilosophyClosed88.58886879089
B.A (H) Political ScienceClosed9391.5909093.592
B.Com (H)Closed9388858995.2587
B.Sc (H) Computer Science969490899294.592
B.Sc (H) Environmental Science92.59088878791.589
B.Sc (H) MathematicsClosed949190.59194.593
B.Sc (H) StatisticsClosed93.259189909593
B.Voc.Banking Operations9288.588858590.589
B.Voc. Software Development91.588.588858590.589

Ramanujan College Third Cut Off list 2022

3B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + EconomicsClosed92.7591.25ClosedClosedClosedClosed
3B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + MathematicsClosed91.2590.25ClosedClosedClosedClosed
3B.A (P) Entrepreneurship and small business + EconomicsClosed91.590898892Closed
3B.A (P) Mathematics + EconomicsClosedClosed90.58988Closed89
3B.A (P) Psychology + EconomicsClosed93.593.2591909491
3B.A (P) Hindi + HistoryClosed89.75ClosedClosed869087
3B.A (P) Hindi + Political ScienceClosed89.7588.587ClosedClosedClosed
3B.A (P) History + PhilosophyClosed89.2588.58786Closed87
3B.A (P) History + Political Science95.593.592.5Closed9094.2591
3B.A (P) Philosophy + Political ScienceClosedClosed89.588Closed91.5Closed
3B.A (P) Political Science + PsychologyClosedClosed92.591ClosedClosedClosed
3B.A (P) History + Punjabi87.586.5ClosedClosedClosed8787
3B.A (P) Political Science + Punjabi87.586.58685ClosedClosedClosed
3B.A (H) Applied Psychology97.259492909295.594
3B.A (H) Economics97.25939290919593
3B.A (H) EnglishClosed9190.588899291
3B.A (H) Hindi82818079808183
3B.A (H) PhilosophyClosed88.58886879089
3B.A (H) Political Science969391.5909093.592
3B.Com (H)Closed9388857995.2587
3B.Sc (H) Computer Science969490899094.592
3B.Sc (H) Environmental Science92.59088878791.589
3B.Sc (H) Mathematics95.5Closed9190.59194.593
3B.Sc (H) StatisticsClosed93.259189909593
3B.Voc.Banking Operations9288.588858590.589
3B.Voc. Software Development91.588.588858590.589

Ramanujan College Second Cut Off list 2022

2B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + EconomicsClosed9392ClosedClosed93.5Closed
2B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + MathematicsClosed9291ClosedClosed92.5Closed
2B.A (P) Entrepreneurship and small business + EconomicsClosed991908992.5Closed
2B.A (P) Mathematics + EconomicsClosed92919089Closed90
2B.A (P) Psychology + EconomicsClosed94Closed929194.592
2B.A (P) Hindi + History91.7590ClosedClosed8790.588
2B.A (P) History + Political ScienceClosed908988ClosedClosedClosed
2B.A (P) History + PhilosophyClosed9089888790.588
2B.A (P) History + Political Science95.759493929194.592
2B.A (P) Philosophy + Political ScienceClosed919089ClosedClosedClosed
2B.A (P) Political Science + PsychologyClosedClosed9392ClosedClosedClosed
2B.A (P) History + Punjabi90.589.5ClosedClosedClosed89.588
2B.A (P) Political Science + Punjabi90.589.58988ClosedClosedClosed
2B.A (H) Applied Psychology98.2596.595939496.595
2B.A (H) EconomicsClosed969492939694
2B.A (H) English95.59392909193.592
2B.A (H) Hindi85848382838484
2B.A (H) Philosophy92919088899190
2B.A (H) Political ScienceClosed9493929294.593
2B.Com (H)979389888295.589
2B.Sc (H) Computer Science979592919295.593
2B.Sc (H) Environmental Science959290898993.590
2B.Sc (H) Mathematics979493929395.594
2B.Sc (H) Statistics979493929395.594
2B.Voc.Banking Operations9391.59089899290
2B.Voc. Software Development9391.59089899290

Ramanujan College First Cut Off list 2022

1B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + Economics95949392929492
1B.A (P) Accounting and Finance + Mathematics94939291919391
1B.A (P) Entrepreneurship and small business + Economics94939291919391
1B.A (P) Mathematics + Economics94939291919391
1B.A (P) Psychology + Economics96959493939593
1B.A (P) History + History92919089899189
1B.A (P) History + Political Science92919089899189
1B.A (P) History + Philosophy92919089899189
1B.A (P) History + Political Science96959493939593
1B.A (P) Philosophy + Political Science93929190909290
1B.A (P) Political Science + Psychology96959493939593
1B.A (P) History + Punjabi92919089899189
1B.A (P) Political Science + Punjabi92919089899189
1B.A (H) Applied Psychology99989796969896
1B.A (H) Economics98979695959795
1B.A (H) English96959493939593
1B.A (H) Hindi88868585858685
1B.A (H) Philosophy94939291919391
1B.A (H) Political Science97969594949694
1B.Com (H)98.5979392869891
1B.Sc (H) Computer Science98979594949794
1B.Sc (H) Environmental Science97959392919591
1B.Sc (H) Mathematics98979695959795
1B.Sc (H) Statistics98979695959795
1B.Voc.Banking Operations95949291919491
1B.Voc. Software Development95949291919491

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