Rajasthan Police

Rajasthan Police is the agency that enforces law for the north-western state of Rajasthan in India. The Headquarters of Rajasthan Police is located in the state’s capital -Jaipur, behind the legendary "Hawa Mahal".

Objective-The objective of Rajasthan Police is to maintain the law, order and keep peace of the state, to safeguard the people and their property, control crime, disorder and unlawful activities and preserve a sense of social security. The motto of Rajasthan Police is "Sevarth Katibaddhta" meaning dedicated to serve.

History- The state of present day Rajasthan was formed by the amalgamation of all the erstwhile princely states. The security and the police forces of the former princely states varied in composition, functions and administrative procedures and so on. Following the merger, the police forces of all the former princely states was united into a whole known as Rajasthan Police which came into existence in January, 1951.

In the early years the officers on deputation headed the Rajasthan Police and the first Inspector General of Police was Shri R.Banerji who formulated a common police code for the amalgamated state of Rajasthan in the Rajasthan Police Regulations.

Post independence, there was a lot of disruption of law and order along the1040 km Indo-Pak border where the state was under the threat of Pakistani raiders, narco-terrorists, cattle lifting and incursions. Hence the combined forces of the Central Reserve Police and the Provincial Armed Constabulary were deployed to guard the border in 1949-50.

Initially Rajasthan Police underwent a large number of operational and organizational problems as there were no C.I.D, proper system of jails and judiciary. Afterwards the force was separated into two units known as Civil Police and Armed Police. Civil Police comprised of investigation, intelligence, prosecution and traffic while Armed Police consisted of training, guards, and anti-dacoit squads and so on. A Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) was established at the Police Headquarters consisting of two branches such as-Intelligence Branch and Crime Branch. With the passing time the Rajasthan police force has combated the nuisance of dacoits in the Chambal ravines, dealt with the smugglers, criminal gangs and etc with superior professionalism.

Present Scenario – Currently Rajasthan Police is very well equipped with state of the art infrastructure and latest technologies like Information Technology, Forensic Science laboratory and developed telecommunication facilities. New departments and specialized units have been incorporated with trained personnel. There has been a remarkable change in the attitude, strength, operational techniques, outlook and organization of this police force. At present there are nine organizational wings consisting of
  • Crime Branch
  • Planning and Welfare
  • Rajasthan armed constabulary
  • Training
  • Forensic Science laboratory
  • Telecommunications
  • Traffic Police
  • State special branch
  • Police Band
Like the past times, the Rajasthan Police doesn’t depend on camels and horses anymore. Nowadays each police station has a vehicle for its use. In spite of all the changes over the years, there is one unique thing that has not changed till now is the spirit of amity and togetherness among the corps.

Current Strength- The Rajasthan Police force currently has strength of 70000. The Director General of Police (DGP) heads the Rajasthan Police. The state of Rajasthan is divided into 8 police zones and each zone is headed by Inspector General of Police (IGP). The police administration in the state encompasses 39 police districts (consisting 3 rural police districts, 2 city districts in Jaipur and 2 railway police districts), 711 police stations, 172 circles and 788 out-posts.
Besides 700 IPS and RPS officers, Rajasthan Police also consists of

  • 965 Inspectors
  • 3481 Sub-Inspectors
  • 5366 Assistant Sub-Inspectors
  • 8985 Head Constables
  • 51712 Constables
Women Police- Previously the district police used to also look after the women related problems including cases involving dowry, rape, eve-teasing, immoral trafficking of young girls and women and so on. Increased cases pertaining to such women- centric matters necessitated the Police stations to be headed by women police officers. In October, 1979 the first woman R.P.S. officer was selected in and finally in March 1989, the first Mahila Police Station was set up at Jaipur.

At present there are about 12 women Police Stations in Rajasthan including 2 at Jaipur and one at Ajmer, Alwar, Bhilwara, Bharatpur , Bikaner ,Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Kota, Pali and Udaipur. Women cells have been established in 22 district headquarters. The state has 10 lady I.P.S. officers and 17 lady RPS officers. These women personnel are well trained in riot control, drill and security duties and exhibit same professional expertise like their male counterparts.

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Other Information
Rajasthan Police Headquarters
Bari Chaupar
Jaipur - 302 002
Ph: - 91-141- 2606111, 2606199, 2606122
Website - http://rajpolice.nic.in/

Dial 100 for Police Control Room
Dial 1090 for Crime Helpline

Last Updated on : 01 December 2011